There are various quests to discover and complete in Dead Island 2. One type is the Lost & Found quests, triggered by finding Lost & Found collectibles, and this includes the Missing: Jamal quest. This may leave you wondering how to complete the Missing: Jamal side quest in Dead Island 2.

Missing Jamal Walkthrough – Dead Island 2 Lost and Found Quest

The Missing: Jamal Lost & Found quest in Dead Island 2 is started in Ocean Avenue. However, you must head to Halperin Hotel to complete this quest. There are several locations you must search to find Jamal.

All Missing Jamal Locations in Dead Island 2

Here is where to find all locations for the Missing: Jamal quest in Dead Island 2.

#1 – Missing Jamal – Dead Island 2

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You can find the Missing: Jamal missing-person flier at the Serling Hotel on Ocean Avenue. Find the wall with missing-person posters past Denice and grab Jamal’s to start the quest.

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#2 – Employee Vehicle Register – Dead Island 2

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Head to the Halperin Hotel, where Jamal worked as security. Check the security guard hut in the image above to find the next clue. You must go to the next security guard hut for this.

#3 – Our Fellow Security Guard – Dead Island 2

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We are not sure if you have to do the security guard huts in order, but we went to the one pictured above second. Inside is the final clue to Jamal’s location.

#4 – Bye, Ethan – Dead Island 2

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Head back toward where you entered the Halperin Hotel area. Stop at the crater in the intersection to find Jamal’s red truck. Defeat the now zombified Jamal and pick up his keys. Head to his truck and open the container there to get some ammo and a pistol.

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