How to farm Lynel Guts in TotK (Zelda Tears of the Kingdom)

Lynels are back in Tears of the Kingdom. While one of the toughest enemies for Link to face, they are worth the challenge due to their high-quality weapon drops and monster parts that can be very useful for fusing and for creating Elixirs with Lynel Guts. Here is how to farm Lynel Guts in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

Best Lynel farm in Tears of the Kingdom

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While there are several Lynel locations in Hyrule, the best Lynel farm in Tears of the Kingdom is the Floating Colosseum in the Depths (coordinates -0708, -1551, -0517) right beneath the overworld Colloseum that houses a Gleeok. This location houses a five Lynel challenge where Link will face each Lynel one after the other, starting as a Red Lynel and ending in White.

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You can get to this location several ways; I’ve found the best is to start from the Great Abandoned Central Mine and build an Airplane to take you up the Floating Collessuem. If you have the Purah Pad upgrade, we recommend placing a Travel Medallion here so you can instantly fast travel back to the Colosseum when you want to farm the Lynels again.

What are Lynel Guts used for in Tears of the Kingdom?

Lynel Guts can’t be used in normal food preparation but can be stewed with critters to create Elixirs of any kind. These Elixirs will be highly potent and sell for a high value as they use a rare monster part.

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