How to fix EA Error Code 721 on PC & XBox


Getting on the EA servers can always be a little rough. When there are so many gamers in the world trying to play games like Star Wars: Jedi Survivor, the servers can take a beating. This can easily cause Error Code 721 to pop up on PC or XBox, so players should definitely know how to remedy this issue.

What is EA Error Code 721?

Error Code 721 is a common error code that will keep gamers off of their favorite EA games. Sadly, it applies to both XBox and PC users. There are multiple causes for this Error Code, most of which evolve the usual aches and pains on the server. Having a poor internet connection or an old version of a game can also cause 721 to pop up, though.

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What can gamers do about EA Error Code 721 on PC & XBox?

Since the error code will activate if the server is under lots of stress, sometimes gamers will just have to wait for Error Code 721 to go away. Before doing anything else, gamers should check the EA Help Website to see how the server is doing. Otherwise, there are plenty of things gamers can do to address the issue. Those things are as follows:

  • Restart the router: Most EA games require a really strong connection. That goes for playing online or even downloading games with high GB counts.
  • Clean cache and cookies: Clearing out cookies often helps connect with EA servers more easily.
  • Update the game: If a game has a newer version that hasn’t been updated yet, there’s a hig chance that Error Code 721 will pop up.
  • Disable antivirus software or firewalls: These pieces of software might interefere with connecting to the EA server
  • Change connection: This might mean hooking up to a stronger Wi-fi signal. If all else fails, gamers can always use an Ethernet cable to maintain a strong signal.

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