How to fix Roblox error code 262


When having fun in a Roblox experience, whether alone or with friends, I of all people know that the last thing you want to see is an error code, especially one that doesn’t seem to have a clear fix. Though error code 262 does come with a description when it appears, said description can be a bit vague, and doesn’t really make much sense if you aren’t familiar with its verbiage. To help explain what this error code means, and how it can be fixed, I’ve created the brief guide below that compiles all the information I could find regarding this pesky bug.

What is error code 262 in Roblox and how to fix

When error code 262 appears on your screen, it will likely read “There was a problem sending data, please reconnect,” which can easily leave players confused with what that means. To put it simply, when error code 262 appears, it’s likely an issue with the specific version of Roblox that you’re playing on. A lot of the time, players can fix this issue by simply deleting the Roblox app from their device and then re-downloading it again after a few minutes.

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This error code can be so device/version specific that even though you continuously receive the error on your personal device, logging into Roblox and playing on another person’s device could work without issue. If deleting and re-downloading the app on your errored device doesn’t work, you could try disconnecting and reconnecting from the internet, or unplugging and replugging your internet all together.

If the issue persists, it may be a glitch on Roblox’s end, which means you can either reach out to Roblox support and explain your issue, or wait and see if the problem is fixed on its own. I’d also suggest checking the Roblox status website, or asking other players if they’re having issues as well, while you wait.


As mentioned above, error code 262 can randomly appear for many reasons, but is typically associated with the issues highlighted above. If the error consistently appears for a long period of time, it may be in your best interest to reach out to Roblox support, if you haven’t already.

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