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Rogue Demon wouldn’t be one of the best Demon Slayer games on Roblox if it didn’t have a variety of Breathing Styles available. You can pick from several different styles for free, without any extra hassle, and begin using their powerful abilities to take down your enemies. Beast Breathing, in particular, is one I have grown to enjoy more, and you’ll probably see a lot of players using it as well due to its charging abilities. Keep reading to start using Beast Breathing today and discover all its unique skills to use in battle.

How to get Beast Breathing in Rogue Demon

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Beast Breathing relies on wild-like, unpredictable movements, which mimic that of an animal. As such, users often use dual-wielding blades to slash and pierce at their opponents as if with the claws or fangs of a beast. They also have great primal instincts, allowing them to sense the presence of danger nearby.

To begin using Beast Breathing, you’ll first need to select it from the list of movesets on the main menu. It is symbolized by the head of the hog toward the bottom left of the menu. Click on it and then press Spawn to join the world.

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What is Beast Breathing in Rogue Demon?

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Beast Breathing utilizes two swords in a dual-wield. It also has three varieties of charging attacks, like a true wild hog, and a slashing frenzy attack that showcases that unpredictable animalistic nature. Its best charge attack, Explosive Rush, will lock onto enemies, stabbing them with both swords. Here are all the abilities you can use:

  • Chipped Swords: Dual-Wielding Katanas (M1 & M2)
  • Devour: A simple slashing charge (M1)
  • Crazy Cutting: A frenzy of slashes with AoE, great for knocking opponents away (M1)
  • Explosive Rush: A charge that locks onto enemies that you run into, piercing them with both blades and then flinging them away (M1 and movement)
  • Pallisade Bite: A powerful slashing charge that knocks enemies down (M1)

Keep practicing your abilities and learn the perfect combos to deal the most damage. The best way to get consecutive hits on your opponent is to utilize your knocking and stunning attacks first, then hit them with heavy-hitting power blows.

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