How to get into Gerudo Canyon (Naia Questions) In Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)

I’ve found that Hyrule has changed drastically in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom; not only are there the Sky Islands and Depths to explore, but Hyrule itself has changed with new locations and severe weather conditions affecting most regions. The Gerudo Canyon has scorching days and freezing nights; if you’ve reached the Gerudo Canyon Pass, Naia will block your way until you can answer four questions. Here is the answer to Naia’s questions about accessing Gerudo Canyon in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

What are the answers to Naia’s Questions in Tears of the Kingdom

Naia will ask you four questions that are aimed at helping you survive the terrible weather conditions you will experience in the desert. While it is entirely possible to avoid answering Naia’s Questions and simply climb over the pass, here are the answers to her questions:

  • Stay near a fire!
  • A nice, shady spot!
  • Chillshroom!
  • Into a cave!

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Once you have answered the four questions correctly, Naia will trust you, and you can enter the Gerudo Canyon. The Canyon is dangerous, filled with fire, ice enemies, and extreme weather, so be on your guard. Spicy Peppers are a great resource to survive those freezing nights.

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