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Rogue Demon is a fighting game on Roblox which draws inspiration from the popular Demon Slayer manga series. Like in the manga, players can select and use a wide range of movesets which are classified into Breathing styles, and Blood Demon Art styles. One of my favorites from the latter is Pyrokinesis, otherwise known as Nezuko’s Blood Demon Art style. Not only do the attacks look cool, they also deal a flurry of damage with little to no charge-up time. Here’s how you can get the Nezuko Art moveset in Rogue Demon.

How to obtain and use Nezuko Art in Rogue Demon

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Nezuko Art is known in-game as Pyrokinesis, and it can be selected from the main menu. To find it, look for the symbol with a silhouette of Nezuko standing. Upon clocking on Nezuko’s moveset, the logo will be highlighted by a pink color. Refer to the image above to get an exact idea of the logo.

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All Nezuko Art skills in Rogue Demon

Nezuko Art, shortened for Nezuko Blood Demon Art style is a moveset containing swift attacks that can keep your movestack combo up fairly easily. Furthermore, Nezuko’s second and third skills have alternate moves which can be activated with M2 buttons to bring variety to your combat. The following are all the skills available at your disposal when using Nezuko Art style in Rogue Demon:

  • Claw Strikes (Skill 1): The player launches a barrage of slashing attacks to deal consecutive damage to a target.
  • Bloody Kick (Skill 2):
    • Roundhouse The player launches a forward kick, before following it up with a powerful roundhouse kick that knocks back the target for a short while.
    • Hammer – The player performs a ground slam with their foot which causes the ground to erupt in flames.
  • Exploding Blood (Skill 3):
    • Fireball – The player assumes a stance, and then releases a fireball at the intended target to set them ablaze. Targets inflicted with Fireball can be further attacked with Chase.
    • Chase – The player rushes toward a target inflicted with Fireball to land a lateral spinning kick which deals a burst of flame damage on impact.
  • Flaming Rage (Skill 4): The player kicks a target. Upon impact, a small cutscene triggers where the player performs two powerful kicks to launch the target in the air, and then follows it up with an axe kick to bring them down. This ability can only be triggered if the player is below 50% HP.

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