How to get Rune Marrow in Warframe

Rune Marrow is one of the many new resources introduced in the Duviri Paradox. While they pop up on your screen like they’re super rare, similar to how Argon Crystal does, they are actually quite easy to get your hands on, if you know where to look. Thankfully, I’ve stashed away my share of Rune Marrow already, and am more than happy to share the wealth. Here’s how to get some Rune Marrow in Warframe.

How to obtain Rune Marrow in Warframe

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The best place to get Rune Marrow is actually within the confines of the Undercroft ‘underneath’ Diviri. The resource is laying about in Duviri caches called Runic Compact. Break these open, and you’re guaranteed a Rune Marrow. Be certain to search the Undercroft carefully, as they easily blend into the surroundings.

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If you’re looking to farm Rune Marrow en masse, then we recommend running the Endless Circuit game mode available after the completion of the Duviri Paradox storyline. Playing on Duviri through the Endless Circuit guarantees you’re always within the Undercroft, making the farm much less painful due to the lack of RNG involved.

What is Rune Marrow used for?

Rune Marrow is used in the creation of Sun & Moon, the same pair of Dual Katanas used by the Drifter in the Duviri Paradox, and for the production of Incarnon Genesis Adapters. These are used to install the Incarnon System onto older Warframe weapons such as the Lato and the Braton.

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