How to get Sith Holocrons in Fortnite (2023)


The Fortnite x Star Wars crossover is here, and there are a lot of goodies for fans to unlock. If you load up Fortnite, you’ll notice there’s a quest asking you to track down Sith Holocrons, but it’s not as simple as finding them on the map. Here’s how to do it.

Where to get Sith Holocrons in Fortnite

Fortnite says players will get these holocrons by completing quests, which means there’s going to be a big time commitment. You’ll need to complete 12 quests from each set beginning with The Force Within Quests. On May 9, the next set launches, and on May 12 the final tier releases. That means there are 36 quests in total to complete, but they don’t take a ton of time to do.

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You’ll be tasked with doing things like learning Force abilities at Rift Gates and searching Republic Chests, so it’s not like it’s anything too terribly difficult. The only thing it does cost is time, but finishing these quests not online gives you the Sith Holocrons, but you’ll also get Galactic Reputation to use on the special Star Wars Battle Pass.

What does collecting Sith Holocrons do in Fortnite?

Collecting all three of the Sith Holocrons will reward players with the Sith Infiltrator glider, Darth Maul’s ship from Star Wars Episode 1. With Darth Maul also being available in the newly release Battle Pass, there’s a lot to grind for if you’re a fan of the Sith Lord.

Maul is part of the premium track of the Battle Pass, so you will have to dump an additional 1,000 V-Bucks on top of all this. This Battle Pass is separate from the one that came out of the start of the season.

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