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The Sun Breathing style goes by many names; it is also known as the Dance of the Fire God and Hinokami Kagura. In Rogue Demon and on the Rogue Demon Trello, you’ll more commonly find it listed as Hinokami Kagura. This Breathing style is one of my all-time favorites due to its firey nature and its unique ultimate ability. If you’re wondering how to start using it, keep reading, and we’ll let you know all of its abilities you can use as well.

How to get Sun Breathing in Rogue Demon

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The Sun Breathing style mimics the nature of the sun in all of its various abilities, providing a firey flame when utilizing your blade. Its rhythmic and precise movements are almost like a dance, which is why it is also known as the Dance of the Fire God, used at ceremonies to honor the Fire God. It is speedy and powerful but requires care to be used effectively, or the user might get burnt himself.

To start using Sun Breathing or Hinokami Kagura, you’ll first need to select it from the list of movesets on the main menu. It is represented by a figure surrounded by flame, as shown in the image above. Select it from the list and then press Spawn to enter the world.

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What is Sun Breathing in Rogue Demon?

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Sun Breathing is all about precision when it comes to its slashes and can deliver powerful punches of firey heat. Its speed can allow you to deliver multiple hits before your opponent has time to react, no matter what heights they try to flee to. Hinokami, its ultimate ability, is its most powerful skill, allowing for an instant execution on its last slash, but if not performed correctly, can leave the player vulnerable for execution themselves. Here are all the abilities you can use:

  • Sword: A singular katana blade (M1 & M2)
  • Dance: A slash and twirl of your blade that sends out a firey blast (M2)
  • Clear Blue Sky: Your blade emits a whirlwind of flames with AoE (M1)
  • Fake Rainbow: The player disappears and reappears over the nearest enemy, slashing them in an arc formation (M1)
  • Hinokami: At 50% health or less, the player activates their firey rage, moving at great speeds and absorbing some of their own HP to deliver power slashes at their enemies. The last slash in slow-mo can either ragdoll player on a miss or instantly execute another player if connected (M1, M2, & movement)

Perfecting Sun Breathing will take plenty of practice. It isn’t one of the easiest styles to use since you must learn when to sacrifice your own HP to deliver damage and when it’s better to be more defensive. You’ll need balance and calculated katana swings, and you’ll defeat any foe.

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