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Another My Hello Kitty Cafe birthday is upon us, and this time it’s for the scatter-brained Chococat and the cheerful Minna No Tabo! Each time a birthday party comes to The City, players can look forward to finding a secret birthday code that’s been hidden somewhere in the area. When this code is found and redeemed, a unique prize will be given to the player! Continue reading below to learn where this hidden code is located and how to use it, and be sure to redeem it before May 10, 2023!

Where is the Chococat x Minna No Tabo Birthday Code in My Hello Kitty Cafe?

Once you’ve spawned into My Hello Kitty Cafe, make your way to The City by approaching the Cafe Town train station. In front of this station should be a glowing pink circle that says “To the City!

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Once here, go up the stairs to the main area of The City and look for the City Store. On the third floor of the store should be a display of Chococat and Minna No Tabo for their birthday.

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On the back of one of the large presents in this display should be a torn piece of paper with a code written on it—this is the first half of our code.

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To find the other half of the code, we need to head down to the first floor of the City Store and look for the Furniture Shop, pictured below.

Once you’ve found it, enter the shop and look for the large Hello Kitty poster. Underneath this poster should be the other half of the piece of paper.

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When you have both pieces, combine them to make the code ” B5TESSDT5RESE ,” and then press the settings icon in the top right corner of your screen to open the Codes menu. Input your code and press Confirm to redeem it.

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Upon doing so, you should receive one free Gacha Ticket. Happy Birthday to Chococat and Minna No Tabo!

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