How to get the Lectern in Wartales

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I love how different the professions work in Wartales. From the Rock Star vibe of the Bard to the sensitive puzzle of lockpicking, most have their own unique feel. To get the most out of some professions, you’ll also need specific items. One example is the Scholar, who can study both Codex books and Antiquities that you’ll mostly find in tombs and ruins. However, it isn’t at all obvious how you can get the Lectern. So, if you’re looking for the Wartales lectern, read our guide below. 

How to unlock Lectern in Wartales

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There is only one way to unlock the Lectern in Wartales, which is to reach level 4 on the Mysteries and Wisdom path. You’ll then automatically get the ability to make the Lectern as a Tinker recipe. It is a Camp item that will need a Scholar to be assigned to it for it to work. I found it quite quick to level up the Mysteries and wisdom path, as it levels automatically simply by exploring. But if you want to speed up the process, you can do so easily by making Alchemy items, using bombs, and hunting Ghost Packs.

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Wartales Lectern: How to use for Codex and Antiquities

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Once you have a Scholar assigned to the Lectern you’ve placed in your Camp, right-click it and drag an Antiquity from the Inventory pop-up into the Research window. It will take a number of days to research each one. I’d suggest starting with any Purple items, as these will become Legendary Items once fully researched. The rest tend to be basic Antiquities that are currently just selling fodder.

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Also, note that you can do Codex Management here too. This is a separate puzzle that allows you to decipher each Codex you find in tombs and ruins. To do this, right-click one of the books while in the Codex Management screen and find out which three Runes will be needed to decipher it.

This a Mastermind-style puzzle in which you have to find the three runes that match the Codex by a simple process of elimination. Choose three, and it will tell you how many of them match. Keep doing this (you have unlimited guesses) until you’ve got the three matching Runes, at which point you can Decipher it if you have also found those Runes. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until you find them in later tombs.

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