How to ‘Kill 3 Pyro guards with fire’ in DMZ – Friendly Fire DMZ Guide

After unlocking the Tier 3 Redacted faction missions in Call of Duty: Warzone DMZ, the first challenge you get is Friendly Fire. For this mission, you have to locate and kill the Pyro commander in Al Mazrah. You are also tasked to kill the Pyro guards with fire. But before discussing how to eliminate these enemies, let’s check out where can we find them.

Where to find the Pyro and Pyro guards in DMZ

The Pyro commander can be found inside one of the following three locked spaces in Al Mazrah, which you must have visited for the Smoking Gun mission:

  1. Control Tower in Al Malik Aiport
  2. Downtown Post Office in Al Mazrah City
  3. US Embassy in Al Mazrah City

All of these buildings are locked and can only be opened using their specific keys, which you can get by killing HVTs or purchasing from Buy Stations. You can either carry all three keys into a match and get the mission done, or you can carry whatever key you have and go for the Pyro if he spawns inside that building. However, the most efficient way is to acquire a Skeleton Key that can open any building.

Pyro Commander Icon (Image by Pro Game Guides)

There’s no need to unlock the strongholds before knowing that the Pyro is there. Travel to all these POIs one after the other and you’ll get the alert for Pyro once you’re near the building he’s actually in. The area will have a white skull icon as shown in the image above. Sometimes, the Pyro also carries the Weapons Case. Therefore, if you see the yellow case icon at any of these three locations, rest assured that you’ll find the commander there.

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How to kill the Pyro guards with fire in DMZ

Red gas barrels (Screenshot by Pro Game Guides)

Although all of these areas are heavily guarded, you can easily infiltrate them if you proceed patiently. The armored and not armored AI soldiers inside the locked space will be the Pyro’s guards. You can shoot the red gas barrels which will explode killing the bots nearby. Another way is to throw Molotov Cocktail lethals at the enemies to kill them with fire.

How to easily kill the Pyro commander in DMZ

The Pyro commander doesn’t have a lot of health but is held up in a confined space with a Trophy System. What makes this boss lethal is his ability to wield the Riot Shield and fire a semi-auto Shotgun at the same time. Beware, as he can down you in a couple of hits, even from a good distance.

However, you can kill the Pyro fairly easily if you get him to a position from where you can land a few headshots on him. We managed to lure the boss to the staircase and killed him from the top. Here are the exact locations where you can find the Pyro inside the locked spaces:

  • Control Tower: On the very top of the tower where the air control desk is.
  • Downtown Post Office: In the west section of the building, which we recommend accessing from the roof door.
  • US Embassy: On the second floor of the main office building.

Stay tuned to Pro Game Guides for more Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 content. In the meantime, head over to our article on Chaffeur DMZ Mission Guide.

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