How to Leave a Religion in Starfield

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Joining a religion can be a very personal decision, even in a game like Starfield. The same can be said about leaving a religion like The Enlightened. That’s why we’ve broken down these actions to help you get where you want to be more easily!

How do you leave your Religion in Starfield?

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Thankfully, leaving a religious group in Starfield is much more streamlined and less complicated compared to real life. All you need to do is identify the head of your current religion, like Jarek Va’ruun for House Va’ruun. Walk up to the leader and start a conversation. Choose the option that says you aren’t sure if you’d like to stay. Then, choose to leave. That’s all you have to do!

How to join a new Religion in Starfield

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Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be a way to join another religion after leaving a previous one. We don’t even think you can rejoin one that you’ve left. The only way to start another religion (or join any, for that matter) is to choose one of the religious traits at the beginning of Starfield, during character creation.

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Can you be part of multiple Religions in Starfield?

If you’re hoping to be part of more than one of three religions in Starfield at one time, you’re out of luck. Membership to any of them (Sanctum Universum, House Va’ruun, or The Enlightened) is only allowed on an exclusive basis, meaning you can’t currently be enrolled in any of the others.

Do you have to join a Religion in Starfield?

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Just like in real life, you are not required to join a religion or cult group in Starfield. There are no direct negative effects to opting out of a religion. The only disadvantage that you’ll encounter is missing out on goodies or extra rewards, such as when you have a religious starting trait included.

Is it important to join a Religion in Starfield?

Since Starfield is an RPG, you will encounter multiple opportunities to join in on activities or groups that are not technically important. That doesn’t mean that joining them wouldn’t be a good idea. It’s all just a personal matter of how you want to spend your time. If you find value in being a part of these groups, then it may be personally important to you.

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