How to solve the Medical and Research Panel Puzzle in System Shock

The System Shock Remake has a lot of puzzle panels that lead to useful items and open the way to places earlier than you normally would. These panels don’t tell you what you have to do so solving them can be tricky. The first two puzzles have different components, but you can solve them both with a little direction. These are the solutions to the panel puzzle in both the Medical and Research floors in the System Shock Remake.

Medical Panel Puzzle Solutions in System Shock Remake

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The solution for the Medical floor’s puzzle panel requires two different nodes to be powered up. They are the two red squares and the only way to light them up is by using the blue nodes. Each blue node has two points that the power can enter and exit from and will rotate everything around it when moved. The enter and exit points are marked with orange lines and you can move it around to get the energy to pass through. The solution above has you only using one blue node, so everything else is a red herring. Once you get through the door, you’ll be able to recycle your scrap for credits! The area is accessible later on in the level, but solving the puzzle will get you early access to it!

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Research Panel Puzzle Solutions in System Shock Remake

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On the Research floor of the System Shock Remake, there is a locked door leading to an armory. The puzzle panel to unlock it uses four different plugs with two sets of lights on them. The ones with only one light will have less power than the ones with two. The red dials will change where the flow of the light goes and the power switches will stop the flow from moving entirely. To open the door, you’ll have to divert only seven notches of power. You can see how much power all of these puzzles need on the left side by looking at where the two blue lights are on gauge.

For this puzzle, you’ll want the two plugs with both sets of lights lit connected to the bottom. The two single lit plugs go to the top, and you’ll want to turn the switches on to direct power to the bottom left. From there, you’ll want to only route enough power to get to the seventh notch by turning the red dials. Once the door is unlocked, there will be a lot of ammo and batteries waiting for you inside.

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