How to unlock the City of the Deceased Domain in Genshin Impact

The City of the Deceased in a Genshin Impact Domain located underneath the Desert of Hadramaveth. You can find it by entering either end of the Wenut Tunnels and must solve a simple puzzle to unlock it. While it’s not a farming Domain, the City of the Deceased serves as a convenient Waypoint and offers plenty of rewards upon completion.

Where to find the City of the Deceased Sumeru Domain in Genshin Impact

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Head to the Teleport Waypoint in Qusayr Al-Inkhida’. From there, glide toward the spot where the road ends under the giant Ruin Golem’s hand. The exact spot is circled in the image above. There, you’ll find an obscure hole that will lead you to the Wenut Tunnels. Enter the hole and follow the path that slithers toward the City of the Deceased Domain.

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How to unlock the City of the Deceased Sumeru Domain in Genshin Impact

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You’ll find that the Domain is hidden, so you must unearth it by solving a Pyro Torch puzzle. Two Torches are located on either side of the unearthed Domain, while the other two are in front of it. You can light them up in any order using Pyro-infused attacks.

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After solving the puzzle, the mechanism to the left of the unearthed Domain will unlock. Interact with it to reveal the Domain. Don’t forget to interact with the Domain once before leaving so that it becomes a Waypoint, allowing you to easily teleport to it later on.

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