Irem Collection Volume 3 announced for PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One and Switch

ININ Games, Tozai Games and irem have announced Irem Collection Volume 3 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch. It will be released digitally in Q2 2024. Pre-orders for the physical edition will open on October 12 exclusively through Strictly limited games.

Irem Collection Volume 32 will include shooting games Mr. Heli, mystical ridersand dragon breed.

Here’s an overview of the collection, via ININ Games:


The ININ arrives with force with the third volume of our iconic irem collection!

The arcade gems that appear in Irem Collection Volume 3 They include Mr. Heli, Mystic Riders, and Dragon Breed.

This collection is a continuing celebration of IREM’s rich gaming legacy, honoring their status as pioneers in the gaming industry.

Mr. Heli

Mr. Helialso known outside Japan as battle helicopter, took Japanese arcades by storm in 1987, when IREM’s creative power was in full bloom. This quirky adventure invites you to drive a small-legged orange Chopper named Mr. Heli through a multitude of innovative stages. What goes up must come down… and walk! The heroic helicopter can fly through environments, walk across lands and wield three different weapons, each with two levels of upgrade. Along the way, you’ll mine crystals and purchase upgrades to help you take on the huge bosses that stand in your way. And don’t forget to keep an eye out for hidden paths, sneaky secrets, and clever puzzles built into the level design – they could be your ticket to success in this high-flying adventure! The Return of Mr. Heli offers a fascinating journey back in time for shooting game fans.

Irem Collection Volume 3 contains both battle helicopter in its Arcade M-92 version from 1987 and the PC Engine/TurboGrafx version from 1989. The fascinating gameplay of these games is preserved over time and stands out as a unique masterpiece that deserves your love.

mystical riders

You’re a wizard Harry! The arcade shooter of 1992 mystical riders It takes you on a magical journey that is a little different from IREM’s usual dark and challenging shooting style. Developed by the same team that gave us the comic Daiku no Gen-san (Hammerin’ Harry), this shmup ventures into a world of fantasy and magic, far from the biomechanical “nightmares” of its counterparts. Take on the role of two comical and cheerful characters, the wizard Mark and the witch Zeal, and begin your (possibly cooperative) adventure! While traveling on a broomstick, defeat giant sky turtles, ghosts, grim reapers, dragons and other mystical creatures. Throw your broom in a boomerang shape to block projectiles or try an early version of dodging, a move that is now common in games. Mystic Riders is a true gem in the shoot ’em genre and a very entertaining cooperative experience, so don’t miss it!

dragon breed

dragon breed is an exciting dragon-themed shooting game where you hop on a huge dragon named Bahamoot and spring into action. But don’t be fooled by its size: only your rider can take damage, while the dragon is a total beast, absorbing damage from countless opponents’ projectiles. Enemies bounce off its tail harmlessly, making it very satisfying for the player. There’s a bit of run-and-gun action, but the key is to stay close to your dragon companion, thanks to his bullet-blocking tail and a killer charge shot. Similar to Type R either multiply x, you dive into a heavy biomechanical theme set in a post-apocalyptic world. So, are you ready for an adventure through huge levels full of enemies, surprises and fast-paced action? Relive the excitement of Dragon Breed on modern consoles and show off your dragon riding skills to friends and players around the world! Join the dragon-powered fun!

Key Features

  • Three fantastic standard IREM shooters from the arcade era.
  • A quick save and load feature to ensure your progress.
  • Built-in filters to relive the original game experience.
  • New built-in help functions, such as rewind and fast forward functions.
  • Global leaderboards to show your score
  • Lots of fantastic environments with strange enemies and huge boss fights.

Watch the announcement trailer below. See the first screenshots in the gallery. Visit the official website here.

Announce trailer

Announce trailer

Strictly limited game version


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