Is Lil Pump in Dead Island 2?


Dead Island 2 has many zombies, but the real stars are the heroes of the apocalypse – the slayers. But they’re not the only living characters in the game. Some players are sure they saw one of the most famous rappers roaming around shooting zombies! Is Lil Pump in Dead Island? We have an answer to this mystery.

Can I play as Lil Pump in Dead Island?

Officially, Lil Pump is not in Dead Island 2, so you can’t play as a famous rapper in this title. The confusion stems from the character Bruno, who looks very much like a famous musician. As this slayer is a Lil Pump look-alike, you can convince yourself you’re playing as an actual celebrity.

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Is Bruno actually Lil Pump in Dead Island 2?

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While Bruno is not officially Lil Pump, you can still enjoy playing as this slayer. The in-game character Bruno was not a rapper before the zombie apocalypse but a scammer born on the streets of Los Angeles. While he’s not from Florida as Gazzy Garcia (aka Lil Pump), he looks almost exactly like him.

Maybe Lil Pump asked too much money to be part of Dead Island 2, so developers created Bruno, a character “inspired” by him. Who knows, maybe Bruno was just a big Lil Pump fan before the world went down! You can always play your favorite rap tracks while running around looking for keys in Bel-Air or eradicating undead in Dead Island 2.

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