KAMiBAKO: Mythology of Cube launches August 29 in Japan

Battle Map/Puzzle/RPG Creation KAMiBAKO: Mythology of the Cube will be released for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Switch and PC via Steam on August 29 in Japan for 5,800 yen, publisher and developer Gravity Game Arise Announced. The physical editions will be available for PlayStation 5 and Switch for 6,380 yen. The Japanese version will only support the Japanese language. The release date for other territories will be announced later.

Here’s an overview of the game, via its steam page:

Map Creation x Puzzle x Battle x RPG!?

Repair the fragmented land through puzzles and rid the world of darkness by defeating monsters. All resources obtained by repairing terrain can be used to design the world to your liking! This RPG’s mix of genres is surprisingly accessible to players of all types, but there’s no shortage of challenging elements either! A variety of activities and a vast world await us. It is up to you to repair what has been destroyed and restore peace.

An expanding world

Our adventure takes place on the distant continent of Noahtun, a region rich in land and sea with diverse seasons. As you progress through the overworld, land will materialize wherever you progress. What awaits you in the virgin regions of the world? New encounters? Battles? Perhaps an example of fragmentation? Discover it yourself by traveling to all corners of the country.


Restoration puzzles are an exclusive quest for the Restorer. By solving the puzzle, the fragmentation of the earth is removed, returning it to its previous state.

Map making

If the land has not been affected by fragmentation, it can be developed to have farmland, buildings and other facilities so that you can harvest crops and various resources. As you develop the land, you can obtain more resources and even access stores. Once a certain number of facilities have been established and the area is surrounded by fences, walls or gates, it will become a town or city and you can give it a unique name.


A variety of monsters may appear in the land you explore. They can damage or damage the terrain they occupy, so be sure to take care of them with the help of your teammates. When the battle starts, your teammates will automatically attack. Your role as a Restorer will be to grant them mana for the duration of the battle. By granting them Mana, their weapon abilities will be charged, eventually allowing them to perform an extra powerful attack.


A long time ago…

Seemingly out of nowhere, the world suddenly began to crumble, fragmenting into cubes. In the midst of the disaster many lives were lost, and in the wake of this calamity came natural disasters that decimated all the land and water.

The balance of the world was altered and people’s lives changed forever.

The disastrous phenomenon that reduces the earth to cubes, what became known as “fragmentation”, continued to spread throughout the world with no signs of stopping.

To restore order to the world, the goddess Croem selected an individual to fulfill the role of “Restorer,” the one who would restore the lands. They were tasked with traveling the world and rebuilding everything that had been destroyed.

The story of our Restorer begins now.

Watch a new trailer below.

Release Date Trailer

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