Kids love The Town of Nie visual novel coming to Switch, PC on September 19 worldwide

Children love visual novels. The city of Nie will be released for Switch and PC via Steam on September 19 worldwide, publisher and developer √ZOMBILiCA announced. It will support Japanese audio and text in English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

Here’s an overview of the game, through dramatic creation:


The protagonist is a young man named Hisora, who has several part-time manual jobs. One day, he suddenly finds himself lost in a strange world.
This is an otherworldly fantasy about boys’ love in which Hisora ​​will risk her life to find a way back to her world.

The boys’ love game The city of NieReleased in June 2018 for PC, it’s now available on Switch and Steam!

New features

  • We have prepared new images drawn by Rin no Miki, who is in charge of the original art of the original game.
  • Supported languages: Japanese, English, Traditional and Simplified Chinese
  • Fully realized system: The fun operating system includes functions such as save voice, which allows you to save your favorite voices and listen to them at any time.


“How did I end up here?”

The main character, Hisora, lost his family when he was a teenager and now makes do with a menial part-time job.

One day while working, Hisora ​​notices a young man dressed in mourning dropping a bouquet of white flowers as he heads into a dark alley.

Unable to leave it at that, Hisora ​​picks up the bouquet and follows him. However, after passing through the long, dark alley, Hisora ​​loses sight of the young man and finds himself in an inn, the entrance to another world. While he is dazed, Hisora ​​is welcomed into the Inn’s residence and hears something that surprises him.

This is a world where death is a distant concept.

There is a man who walks around with his head crushed and a child who plays with his own head as if it were a ball. And other Freaks with terrifying deformities.

Hisora ​​is the only flesh-and-blood human wandering this world full of creepy things. He looks for a way to return to his own world, but there is none.

Hisora ​​searches for a way to return home with the help of the inn’s inhabitants. She ventures into the town, where the smell of the living attracts the dead who live there.

What will Hisora ​​find at the conclusion of her life-threatening quest?

Watch the opening film below. Visit the official website here.

opening movie

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