NEXON Games Veiled Experts will be in Early Access on May 18th


NEXON Games has announced that its upcoming 5v5 tactical shooter, VEILED EXPERTS, will be available on Steam Early Access for PC starting at 8:00 PM PT on May 18th. To prepare for the game’s final release in 2023, players can now add their free-to-play title Steam Wishlist.

After the final beta testing, the development team behind the veiled experts combined player feedback to improve the Early Access gaming experience. In addition, raw controller support has been added to the game. The team plans to continue to improve the gameplay based on feedback throughout Early Access until the official release later this year. For those who participated in the final beta test, usernames and event rewards will be preserved, but all other information will be reset.

Veiled experts plunge players into a global conflict between governments, corporations, and terrorists as multinational agents vie for control of an advanced chip known as the Lepton System. This revolutionary technology threatens to upset the balance of power in the world. Players can choose from ten diverse agents, each with a unique set of skills and lepton abilities, to strategize and survive against enemy forces. The game offers multiple modes such as Bomb Defusal, Team Deathmatch, and Team Deathmatch vs AI, providing various combat scenarios and objectives.

The game also features an advanced version of the classic Search and Destroy mode, which is paired with access to the carousel shop to enhance the experience. Veil experts promise to deliver a perfect balance of the elements in this shooter game.

To discourage camping, veiled experts use a magnetic field that forces players to keep moving. Tactical elements and agent abilities that detect enemy presence also contribute to the intensity of the game. Players can enjoy unrestricted movement through smooth movements, such as rolling, jumping, and wall-climbing, which increases the excitement of combat.

Players can customize their play style by choosing from unique agents with exclusive abilities. Whether it’s in battle, supporting a team, performing recoveries and sniping, or engaging in close combat, Veil experts have options for everyone.

As matches progress, the environment evolves with buildings collapsing and ships sinking. Players can exploit their surroundings to their advantage by destroying obstacles and vehicles to eliminate hidden enemies. Teams must adapt their strategies in response to the ever-changing map, using a wide range of tactical equipment to improve gameplay.


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