Nintendo says it will reveal the Switch successor by March 2025, but not directly next month

Nintendo will reveal the Switch successor in the current fiscal year, which ends on March 31, 2025. However, the company says there was no mention of this successor during the Nintendo Direct it held in June; This direct will instead focus on games coming to the Switch in the second half of 2024.

Although this is not the first hint of a Switch successor from the company, it is the most direct and comes from the same financial results, where the Switch sold an additional 1.96 million units from the last one, increasing its total to 141.32 million. The software has reached 1.235 billion units.

“This is Furukawa, Nintendo’s president,” the company announcement Reads on X (formerly Twitter). “We will make an announcement about the successor to the Nintendo Switch within this fiscal year. It’s been nine years since we announced the existence of the Nintendo Switch in March 2015. We’ll be holding a Nintendo Direct this June regarding the Nintendo Switch’s late 2024 software lineup, but there was no mention of a Nintendo Switch successor during that presentation. Please know that.”

The announcement follows industry reports earlier this year that said the Switch successor is targeting a March 2025 release date. From Furukawa’s revelation it still could be, but given the timeline, Nintendo could announce a successor that month, meaning we won’t have it in our hands until later that year. It’s only a matter of time though, but we now officially know that by this time next year, we’ll know what the Switch’s successor will be.

For more, read about how Nintendo demoed the Switch successor to developers at Gamescom last year, and then check out Game Informers Top 10 Switch Games.

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