NYT Crossword Answers Apr 5, 2023 (4/5/23)


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The New York Times Crossword is a daily puzzle that tests analysts’ knowledge and vocabulary. It is one of the most popular crossword puzzles in the world, and is known for its tricky clues and clever wordplay. The puzzle has been published in The New York Times print edition and is also available online. Analysts can choose to play the crossword puzzle in different levels of difficulty, from easy to very difficult. If you are confused by the New York Times April 5, 2023 crossword puzzle, we have all the answers for you.

NYT Crossword Answers Guide

Below you will find all the answers for April 5, 2023 New York Times Crossword. Click/tap on the appropriate clue to get the answer. We did it this way so that if you’re only looking for a handful of clues, it won’t spoil the other clues you’re working on! You can also find an ongoing post of the latest NYT crossword puzzle answers.

  • “Hold that Think” by Texter
  • 401(k) alternatives
  • Motormouth
  • ___ Lingus
  • “WTF” podcast host Maron
  • Use the joystick and knee pad, for example
  • Astronaut Jemison
  • Expensive cuts of meat
  • they are
  • A note from someone trying to be inconspicuous
  • Lamentation after exercise
  • The first name in audacity
  • Verbal flourishes after feat
  • Twitter for some
  • Easy win
  • Actress Catherine for “Glass Onion”
  • A place for Christmas lights
  • Did not mention
  • Classic muscle car
  • Shock or awe
  • Diaper bag supply
  • Movie theatre
  • Jane Austen’s novel that inspired “Clueless”
  • What a pocket protector might protect against
  • Arias, usually
  • loss
  • Old West Coast Conference name
  • He was in his comfort zone
  • ___ Koenig, frontman of Rock’s Vampire Weekend
  • Revealing an inappropriate amount of personal detail, as depicted three times in this mystery
  • The red carpet walker, in a nutshell
  • authoritarian government
  • against
  • crackerjack
  • whiffs
  • light gas
  • with
  • Valene’s sweetheart in the Disney classic
  • the underworld into the abyss
  • It may be bottled for the caretaker
  • Economic organization. Since 1945
  • Like refrigerators sometimes
  • Good Dinosaur in “The Good Dinosaur”
  • Final word from the manager
  • “challenge accepted!”
  • The walled city of Spain
  • omen
  • cake or bread
  • Theme of Niels Bohr
  • Link target
  • Some early fall
  • They may pick up on embarrassing side remarks
  • fascinated by
  • “Okay, that makes sense.”
  • They can relax in small hammocks
  • The coming of age event
  • Tube traveler?
  • Outlaw role in the 90s
  • Bread served with aloo gobi
  • Sultanate near Yemen
  • Nasheed
  • Ward “fugitive”
  • unable to stand up
  • Made up of some sci-fi repertoire
  • Not totally against
  • Text starting with the Fatiha
  • Feminist writer Jung
  • nape
  • discussion places
  • Absolutely
  • kind of brick
  • Say a little off the top, for example
  • Fielder’s cry
  • A third of a Negroni

We also recommend trying your hand at Small crosswords, and it’s definitely easier (of all days!) because it’s 5×5, compared to a full-size crossword (15×15, and Sunday’s edition is 21×21!). New Crosswords are released at 10 PM ET on weekdays and 6 PM ET on weekends.

If you’re still struggling with your New York Times crossword puzzle, consider practicing with Eugene Schaeffer and Thomas Joseph first. If you’re looking for a similarly challenging crossword, we recommend the WSJ Crossword and the LA Times Crossword.


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