NYT Games gets even better with Tiles and Sudoku

If you’re a regular NYT Games player, you’ll be happy to know that The New York Times has expanded its gaming offering with a dedicated NYT Games app, which will make games more accessible on the go. Tiles joins the NYT Games app today, while Sudoku was added earlier this year.

Tiles, which launched in the summer of 2019, is the latest addition to the NYT Games suite of apps. Tiles is described as a “color and pattern matching game” with nearly a million players participating weekly.

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After NYT added Sudoku to the NYT Games app earlier this year in February, the NYT Games app has seen a 50% increase in daily Sudoku players with a 20% increase in total time on the app. Now, the NYT games app offers a mix of everyday puzzles that appeal to a variety of people, from those who like to use logic or prefer more visual games to those who are longtime crossword puzzlers or Wordle players.

Looks like the New York Times is looking to make Subscribe to games more powerful by improving the availability of their games by making them all playable in a central location (Games App). Games like The Mini Crossword and Wordle are always free The New York Times FAQ It also notes that you get access to three different archived crossword puzzles each week online with Sudoku and a limited number of Vertex, Tiles and Spelling Bee games.

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Currently, one of the biggest features of the game subscription is the archive of crossword puzzles you can play, along with the daily Spelling Bee. With a subscription, you get access to Minis up to 2014 and the main grid up to 1993. You can also sync any progress you’ve made within the app to the website.

With the recent emergence of NYT Digits, the Try Hard Guides team is very curious to see what NYT has in store in their Games section!

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