ODI World Cup 2023: Meet the Wives and Girlfriends of Sri Lankan Cricketers

In the world of international cricket, where every match is a story of skill, determination and glory, the ODI World Cup 2023 to be held in India has been a memorable chapter. Cricket lovers across the world are in for a month-long spectacle of breathtaking performances and nail-biting moments.

Along with fans, cricketers are also determined to make their nation proud and Sri Lankan cricketers are no exception. With the World Cup in India and the advantage of familiar conditions, the Islanders are leaving no stone unturned to prepare for the match and like the other participating nations have their sights set on the coveted title. While we celebrate the cricketers who will take center stage, it is also important to remember that behind these sporting heroes are the incredible women who are an integral part of their lives.

Amidst the rush of preparation, the roar of the crowd and the pressure of representing their nation, there are partners, wives and girlfriends who provide players with unwavering support, love and a sense of home. They are the silent champions, the unsung heroes, and it’s time to shine our spotlight on them.

On that note, let’s take a moment to know the women who have stood by the Sri Lankan cricketers participating in the 2023 ODI World Cup and guided these athletes through the ups and downs of their careers.

1) Thilakshi Gamage wife of Sadira Samaravikrama

Thilakshi Gamage (Image Source: Twitter)

Thilakshi GamageLove story with it Sadira Samaravikrama It started in high school, and their bond grew stronger as he pursued his dream of playing cricket.

2) Pathum Nisanka’s wife Eshani Kumarasinghe

Ishani Kumarasinghe (Image Source: Twitter)

Ishani Kumarasinghe There are pillars of strength within Pathum NisankaHe represented Sri Lanka on the world stage.

3) Kusal Mendis wife Travis Alabanza

Kusal Medes and Travis Alabanza (Image source: Twitter)

Travis Alabanza stands next to Kusal MendisProviding unwavering support in his cricketing journey.

4) Dunith Wellalage’s girlfriend Deanne Destiny De Silva

Dean Destiny De Silva (Image source: Twitter)

student of marketing, Dean Destiny De Silva his girlfriend Dunith Wellalage And never fails to provide invaluable support to his partner.

5) Dasun Shanaka’s wife Chewanthi Perera

Dasun Shanaka and Chewanthi Perera (Image Source: Twitter)

A fashion designer and founder of Chewlee Ceylon, Chewanthi Perera Tie the knot with the Sri Lankan cricket captain Dasun Shanaka on 5th September 2020 and has been a steadfast pillar in his life.

6) Kavandika Asalanka wife of Charith Asalanka

Kavandika Asalanka and Charith Asalanka (Image Source: Twitter)

kabandika And Charith Asalanka Starting their matrimonial journey on 28th November 2022, adding a new chapter to their love story.

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7) Kasun Rajita’s wife Chamthi

Chamathi (Image Source: Twitter)

A software engineer by profession, Chamathathi got married Kasun RajithaAdds love and energy to his cricket journey.

8) Kushal Perera’s wife Kalni

Kushal Perera and Kalani (Image Source: Twitter)

Kalni becomes its life partner Kushal Perera 3rd March 2020, adds his strength to his career.

9) Dimuth Karunaratne’s wife Anuradha Kurukulasuriya

Dimuth Karunaratne and Anuradha Kurukulasuriya (Image Source: Twitter)

A model and actress, Anuradha Kurukulasuriya got married Dimuth Karunaratne For over 8 years, a constant source of support throughout his career.

10) Dilshan Madushanka’s girlfriend is Nimasha Nanayakkara

Nimasha Nanayakkara (Image Source: Twitter)

Nimasha Nanayakkara its partner Dilshan MadushankaGiving him unwavering support in his cricketing endeavours.

11) Sanduni Nissansala wife of Dhananjaya de Silva

Dhananjaya de Silva and Sanduni Nissansala (Image Source: Twitter)

Sanduni Nisamsala Notable others Dhananjaya de SilvaOffered his unwavering support from the sidelines.

12) Rashi Hirunika wife of Dushan Hemant

Dushan Hemant and Rashi Hirunika (Image Source: Twitter)

Rashi Hirunika shares his life with Dushan HemantStanding by him to face the challenges of international cricket.

13) Nethsarani Rajapaksa, wife of Lahiru Kumar

Lahiru Kumara and Nethsarani Rajapakse (Image Source: Twitter)

Nethsarani Rajapakse His loving wife Lahiru KumarStand by him as he represents Sri Lanka on the cricket field.

*Note: Mahesh Thekshan And Mathisha Pathirana Single and their current relationship status is undisclosed.

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