Old Faith Lamb Relic Cult Version 1.2.0 adds new content, replayability, and more


today, Aries cultfirst major content update, Traces of the ancient faithcontains a large number of new content, features and changes as part of Version 1.2.0.

Together with the release of version 1.2.0 is the arrival Aries cult: heretic pack DLC. This package contains a variety of wonderful cosmetics, which are as follows:

  • 5 new followers skins: Moose, Gorilla, Goldfish, Mosquito and Opossum.
  • 8 new base decorations.
  • New heretical extortion of pregnancy!

Aries cultRemnants of the Ancient Creed, version 1.2.0, features a New story after the game Where, after defeating the last boss, a mysterious alien gives Aries a new mission. Each boss has also been revamped with new, tougher attack patterns post-game.

Crusades against new challenges will also bring new rewards. The Mystic Seller of the Lamb will grant many valuable items that will allow players to commission never-before-seen cults, grant new abilities to followers with pendants and unlock new followers skins.

Old Faith Relic adds version 1.2.0 as well Archaeology-A brand new combat system to load up to collect and battle. Each of these ideological elements, from the Eye of the Lychee to the Clonic Boot, would provide a powerful new capability for the Crusades.

During the Crusades, players may also encounter a strange character called Shimashkeeper of the relics of the ancient faith. Interacting with this character will allow players to learn more about this mysterious relic of the ancient faith and its place in the world.

Each of 5 types of weapons Now features Heavy Attack starting from version 1.2.0. Players can now throw their ax like a boomerang, unleash a varied attack of daggers, or spin the Gauntlet to suit the situation.

Photo mode It was also added in Aries cult The effects of the ancient faith version 1.2.0. With this new tool, players can change the angle, zoom in, and decorate with 88 different stickers to create memories at worship and during the Crusades.

In addition, players can now stop time in their sect while fighting in a dungeon. The ability to stop time will be extremely useful for those who want to focus on combat while making sure followers stay healthy.

Several other additions, changes, and fixes were also made as part of version 1.2.0, which you can read more about at Official Aries cult website.


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