Otome visual novel Celestia: Chain of Fate announced for Switch and PC

PQube Editor and Valthirian Arc: History of the School of Heroes The developer of the Agate series has announced Celestia: Chain of Fatean otome visual novel coming to Switch and PC via Steam. A release date was not announced.

Celestia: Chain of Fate was originally released through Memories: my story, my choicean otome visual novel story app available for iOS via App Store and Android via Google Play.

Here’s an overview of the game, via PQube:


Celestia: Chain of Fate is a romantic fantasy visual novel that offers a captivating player-driven narrative.

The perfect life you’ve known as the daughter of a Duke is about to change forever. With the revelation of your new hybrid identity, as a descendant of Angelus and Daemon, you must learn to live in a new world.

Forced to accept an invitation to Celestia Academy to explore the world of magic, you must embark on a new journey in a world full of demons and angels.

Discover the secrets of your family history and learn to control the magical abilities you possess. Along the way, you’ll have the opportunity to develop relationships with one of three romantic characters, each with their own unique traits and personalities.

It’s up to you to maintain your friendships and promote your love interests while also prioritizing your education. Remember not to neglect your studies as you will need to overcome a series of challenges to graduate!

Key Features

  • Otome visual novel – Follow a captivating romantic fantasy about Angelus, Daemons, and Half Bloods in 20+ hour chapters!
  • Romantic Leads – Discover the diverse personalities of your love interests through three main routes, ranging from the fiery passion of Val to the gentle warmth of Luke and the cold reserve of Ash. Win affection and choose the man of your dreams!
  • Options and scenarios – Control the story by choosing the options that best suit you! However, be careful, as several undesirable results await you.
  • Stunning illustrations – Immerse yourself in a story filled with exquisite hand-drawn illustrations, packed with intricate details. Progress will automatically unlock stunning special artwork that will enhance your experience.
  • Additional stories! – You won’t miss a thing with the opportunity to discover more about your favorite characters! Each character will have their own side story, giving you the opportunity to delve deeper into their origins and personalities!
  • Atmospheric Music – Enjoy the story accompanied by music, enhancing key moments and enriching the overall experience with deeper immersion and greater emotional depth.

Watch the announcement trailer below. See a set of screenshots in the gallery.

Announce trailer

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