PC Building Simulator 2 Demo is now available on the Epic Games Store

PC Building Simulator 2 beta is now available for Download from the Epic Games Store. This engaging preview lets players delve into the first five levels of the game’s Career Mode, providing an exclusive glimpse into the full version, packed with 30 immersive levels and an unrestricted Free Build mode.

PC Building Simulator 2 attempts to deliver an authentic virtual experience, allowing players to run their businesses on PCs. In career mode, players learn the intricacies of building and repairing computers, upgrading their workshops, and unlocking new tools and equipment as they progress. A key aspect of the game is to strive to satisfy customers, which leads to positive reviews and thus business growth.

As the players advance in the game, they are faced with a lot of opportunities to customize and improve their creations. Free Build mode gives players complete creative control with over 1,200 components from industry giants such as AMD, NVIDIA, Intel, MSI, ASUS, NZXT, and RAZER. This mode allows enthusiasts to plan and build a high-performance PC, tweak CPU and GPU overclocking, adjust RAM timings, and install advanced water-cooling systems.

In addition to the technical aspects, the game also includes a variety of aesthetic customization options. Gamers can add cascading RGB lighting, spray paint, and stickers to their PC, creating the ultimate customized rig. The game even allows to customize the PC building space with a combination of walls, floors, stickers, and furniture.

Gamers can use the Fan Control app and thermal camera to optimize cooling, track power consumption with the Power Monitor, and add custom waterblocks to GPUs, CPUs, RAM, and motherboards.

Benchmarking is a pivotal part of the game, with 3DMark and Cinebench integrated for testing and optimizing PC builds. These real-world benchmarking tools help gamers maximize their PC’s performance and provide valuable feedback on their builds.

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