Persona 3 Reload details Akihiko, Mitsuru, Fuuka, Tartarus, city locals, and text invitations

ATLUS has released new information and screenshots for Persona 3 Reload introducing Akihiko Sanada, Mitsuru Kirijo, and Fuuka Yamagishi, the Towering Labyrinth Tartarus, city locals, and text invitations.

Get the details below.

■ Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad (New S.E.E.S. Combat Uniform)

This remake updates the classic combat uniforms worn by the party members when exploring Tartarus. Check out all-new character art of the Akihiko Sanada, Mitsuru Kirijo, and Fuuka Yamagishi in their new gear!

Akihiko Sanada (voiced by Alejandro Saab in English, Hikaru Midorikawa in Japanese)

  • Weapon: Fists
  • Unique Persona: Polydeuces
  • Specialization: Electricity, Striking
  • Theurgy: Lightning Sphere

Captain of the boxing team who puts up his fists in battle.

His unique Persona, Polydeuces, specializes in electric and strike-type skills. His Theurgy skill Lightning Sphere deals heavy electric-type damage to all enemies, regardless of their affinities.

—Akihiko’s Persona: Polydeuces

Akihiko‘s unique Persona is Polydeuces. In Greek mythology, he was a hero gifted with immortality as the son of the god Zeus and mortal Leda. He and his elder brother Castor were renowned for their skill in fist and sword combat.

Mitsuru Kirijo (voiced by Allegra Clark in English, Rie Tanaka in Japanese)

  • Weapon: Rapiers
  • Unique Persona: Penthesilea
  • Specialization: Ice
  • Theurgy: Blizzard Edge

As a member of the fencing team, she wields a rapier in battle.

Her unique Persona is Penthesilea, who specializes in ice skills. Her Theurgy skill Blizzard Edge deals heavy ice-type damage to one enemy, regardless of its natural affinity.

—Mitsuru’s Persona: Penthesiliea

Mitsuru’s unique Persona is Penthesilea. An Amazonian Queen from Greek mythology, known for her strong sense of honor and exceptional beauty.

Fuuka Yamagishi (voiced by Suzie Yeung in English, Mamiko Noto in Japanese)

  • Unique Persona: Lucia
  • Specialization: Support
  • Theurgy: Oracle

Though she doesn’t fight enemies directly, she provides invaluable help from the sidelines. Her support skills can analyze enemy affinities, assist in exploring Tartarus, and more. Her Theurgy skill, Oracle, casts random buffs on allies.

—Fuuka’s Persona: Lucia

Fuuka’s unique Persona is Lucia. A saint and martyr who died during the persecution of Christians by the Roman Empire. It is said that even after she was blinded by her persecutors, she was still able to see the miracle of the holy spirit.

■ The Towering Labyrinth Tartarus

The Dark Hour exists between one day and the next, imperceptible to most. During this time, the looming labyrinth of Tartarus appears, teeming with Shadows ready to fight. Exploring this mysterious tower is better than ever in Persona 3 Reload, thanks to a fresh coat of paint and gameplay improvements.

Dash to traverse the labyrinth faster, and heal up your party in a single button press with Auto-Recover.

Breakable Objects

Within Tartarus, you will find breakable objects made from the remnants of Shadows. Destroying these may yield recovery items, sellable materials, and even Dusk Shards that can be used to open locked treasure chests!

Locked Treasure Chests

Scattered throughout Tartarus are treasure chests, some of which will be locked. The keys to these locks are special items called Dusk Shards. They will need to be spent to open the lock, but you’ll find the rewards more enticing than the rest.

Scouting by Party Members

After battle, you may have the opportunity to have a party member scout ahead. If you agree, they will temporarily split from the group to search for a route to the next floor. Once the rest of the party catches up, the scouting member will rejoin the group and hand over any items they found along the way.

Finding and Rescuing Missing Persons

Now and then, you may encounter missing persons who have been trapped inside Tartarus.

By rescuing them, you may receive rewards. Be on the lookout to help these people in need!

Shuffle Time and Major Arcanas

After winning a battle, you may enter a bonus round called Shuffle Time. The cards you choose can grant you beneficial effects and Personas. Rarely, you may find a Major Arcana card carrying a special effect that lasts for the remainder of the day, such as increased EXP gain or All-Out Attack damage.

Arcana Burst

Collecting all available Major Arcana cards will trigger an Arcana Burst. During Arcana Burst, Minor Arcana cards will rank up for increased effect for the rest of the day, making exploration all the smoother. Don’t miss your chance to grab Major Arcana cards when you see them!

Monad Doors

As you explore Tartarus, you may encounter towering Monad Doors. Beyond them lie rare treasure chests, protected by extra-powerful Shadows. Defeating these Shadows will allow you to draw special Major Arcana cards during Shuffle Time.

Monad Passages

Monad Passages can be found beyond certain Monad Doors. Within these long hallways lie formidable Shadows that will reward you with powerful weapons, character costumes, and other rare items upon defeat. If you’re confident in your combat abilities, taking on the challenge is well worth the effort.

Rare Shadows

You may encounter shining gold Rare Shadows as you explore. If they spot you, they’ll try to flee, but if you manage to defeat them, you’ll be rewarded with loads of experience and money. Very rarely, you may find a large Rare Shadow that has pilfered all the treasure on the current floor. Defeating it will reward you with not only experience and money, but also all the items the Shadow had collected.

The Reaper

If you remain on one floor for too long, The Reaper will appear—a terrifying enemy you’re not likely to stand a chance against. If you find yourself being stalked by The Reaper, turn tail and run!

The Clock at the Entrance

By operating the clock that can be found by the entrance to Tartarus, you can fully heal your party members’ HP and SP at the cost of seven Dusk Shards. Don’t be afraid to use it as the need arises.

Costume Changes

You can freely change costumes from the menu while exploring Tartarus. Beyond the standard school uniforms and combat gear, the party can wear butler uniforms, swimsuits, and more. Change things up whenever you feel the need for a new look!

Fuuka’s Support Skills

Fuuka’s support is not limited to battle—she can assist with exploration as well! By pressing the Navi button while traversing Tartarus, you can select one of her unique support skills.

For example, Jamming allows you to avoid detection by Shadows on the floor, Shock Noise temporarily Distresses all enemies on the floor, and Sylphid Aura buffs all party members at the start of the next battle. Using skills like these will consume SP just like the rest, so don’t hesitate to use recovery items when she’s running low.

■ City Locals

Through daily life and being a member of S.E.E.S., you’ll get to know all kinds of people. These bonds are called Social Links, and by raising their ranks you can experience special scenes with them. You’ll find people from all walks of life around the city after school hours. Interacting with them will also strengthen your Persona abilities, so be proactive in building these relationships!

President Tanaka (voiced by Patrick Seitz in English, Bin Shimada in Japanese)

The president of a telemarketing company, famous for his catchy jingle and bombastic personality showing off products to the camera. He is extremely stingy and has a unique outlook on how to run his company. After spotting the Protagonist in the city, he devises a plan to use him as a model for his products.

Unconventional Monk: Mutatsu (voiced by Aaron Laplante in English, Shin Aomori in Japanese)

An irritable-looking monk who visits Club Escapade from time to time. He’s always seen with expensive cigars and gaudy gold rings, giving the impression that he hasn’t really let go of his earthly desires. Even so, he has quite a way with words and is known by his parishioners as a wise one with invaluable advice. Upon befriending the Protagonist, he begins to lecture him on his own philosophies.

Track Team Rival: Mamoru Hayase (voiced by Yong Yea in English, Yuuichirou Umehara in Japanese)

The ace of a rival school’s track team. He’s a national-level athlete who’s already received offers from colleges and companies. After seeing the Protagonist run during a summer competition, he sees his potential as a worthy rival.

MMO Buddy: Maya (no voice actor)

A player in a red dress that the Protagonist meets while playing an MMORPG called Innocent Sin Online. Going by the handle “Maya,” she dubs the Protagonist her partner “Tatsuya” and parties up with him. She’s always online on her days off, waiting for the Protagonist to log in.

Child of a Broken Home: Maiko Oohashi (voiced by Grace Lu in English, Hiyori Kono in Japanese)

An elementary school girl who can be found at the park next to Naganaki Shrine. She’s uneasy about her tumultuous home life as her bickering parents teeter on the edge of divorce. She spends time alone after school to avoid going home, and grows fond of the Protagonist after meeting him at the shrine.

Terminally Ill Young Man: Akinari Kamiki (voiced by Lucien Dodge in English, Hirofumi Nojima in Japanese)

A young man who doesn’t have long to live can be found on a bench at Naganaki Shrine. On weekdays he undergoes treatment for his illness, but he pushes himself to make it to the shrine on weekends. He wishes to leave his mark on the world by writing his own story, and shares his work in progress with the Protagonist as they continue to meet.

Bookstore Owners: Mitsuko Kitamura (voiced by Susanne Blakesless in English, Sanae Takagi in Japanese) and Bunkichi Kitamura (voiced by Andre Sogliuzzo in English, Naoki Tatsuta in Japanese)

An old couple who run the used bookstore, Bookworms, in Iwatodai Strip Mall. Bunkichi is a jovial fellow with a touch of memory loss, while Mitsuko is kind and responsible, always keeping the store in order—and Bunkichi in line. Their playful dynamic speaks to the strength of their long marriage. A number of years ago, they lost their son—a teacher at Gekkoukan—in an accident, and have come to see the persimmon tree he planted in the courtyard as their last memento of him.

■ Invitations Over Text

After school or on days off, characters you’ve forged bonds with may invite you to hang out. You can quickly travel to their location by using shortcuts directly in the text menu. Keep your eyes open, as each character has their own unique way of writing texts.

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