Pet Simulator X Jelly update history and patch notes


The long-awaited Pet Simulator X Jelly update is here, and it’s full of new features, pets, and events that are sure to excite gamers. One of the most notable additions is the Fiesta Maze event, which can be accessed by jumping into a cannon located in the city. This unique event features a maze with a random layout for each server, making each player’s experience different. The maze contains easy-to-break boxes, and at the finish line, players will find a Fiesta Egg. This special egg contains four new pets, including Huge Sombrero Chihuahua, Pinata Dog, Pinata Monkey and Sombrero Corgi. A brand new secret pet is introduced in this update, adding an element of surprise.

Psx Fiesta Maze Image
Photo: Big Games

In the Exclusive Shop, the new Exclusive Jelly Egg is now available. This egg contains a variety of Jelly Pets, including Jelly Corgi, Jelly Panda, and Jelly Pig. It also offers Huge Jelly pets, such as the Huge Jelly Corgi and Huge Jelly Pig, as well as the Titanic Jelly Cat. These large jelly pets come in unique shapes, featuring different elements visible inside. Some of these items include coins, diamonds, chests, lucky blocks, and amulets. The rarest variant, with only one chance of appearing, is the Titanic Jelly Cat containing Preston.

Titanic Jelly Cat Preston Variant Image
Photo: Big Games

Several important changes have been implemented in the jelly update. The odds of getting the huge Pinata Cat have increased, now offering a 50 times greater chance. All players will now spawn at the player’s full speed, making speed upgrades obsolete. The shop teleport is now available for free, providing easy access to the spawn area for all players. In addition, to help new players progress more quickly, the coins in the spawn area have been polished.


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