PokerStars VR officially comes to PS VR2


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PokerStars VRFree to play virtual poker simulator from the developer LuckyVR Inc. and publisher The Stars Group Inc. Finally it will be ported to PlayStation’s PS VR2. Today’s trailer hasn’t confirmed the port’s exact release date, nor has the developer.

PokerStars VR Originally launched in Early Access in 2018, it’s now available on PC via Steam VR or Oculus. You can watch the full trailer on the PlayStation YouTube channel:

PokerStars VR It has received a lot of praise as the perfect casual version of casino games. Even when the gameplay itself isn’t quite original, it’s still extraordinarily tidy and picks up the ebbs and flows without the stress of playing for real money. Each trailer carefully confirmed its amount PokerStars VR Not a gambling product.

Poker fans who might be intimidated by some of the numbers in the game should at least enjoy the social aspects of this game. There are enough mechanics to allow you to interact with each other, as well as fun stuff to help differentiate the game from anything too serious.

It definitely helps that the game is free, which makes it an easy party game to pick up for a few rounds and then put aside between titles or chores. However, this free price can sometimes disrupt gameplay. Some fans have noted that it can be very uninteresting when young players and uninvested newcomers don’t play in a logical way.

It’s nice to see that PokerStars VR Coming to PlayStation, which has a unique and large community. The game should translate well to PS VR2, and you will likely benefit from its technology.

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