Pre-orders for the physical edition of Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater are now available

Konami has opened pre-orders for physical editions of Metal Gear Solid Delta: Serpent Eater.

In the americas, Metal Gear Solid Delta: Serpent Eater A “Tactical Edition” and a Collector’s Edition will be available in one day.

A Deluxe Edition will be available in Europe and the United Kingdom.

Get the details for America below.

Collector’s Edition

  • The first day of the “Tactical Edition” of Metal Gear Solid Delta: Serpent Eater.
  • Miniature terrarium based on the iconic opening scene of Virtuous Mission where Naked Snake must recover his backpack caught on a tree branch. Includes a miniature naked snake figure and a tree stump with hanging bag.
  • A recreation of the fake dog tag that Naked Snake uses to break into Groznyj Grad Northeast as a scientist.
  • High quality sewn patch showing membership in the legendary FOX UNIT.
  • Exclusive rubber patch commemorating Naked Snake’s historic HALO skydive.
  • Beautiful retro style metal game box using original Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater artwork.

Tactical Edition

The retail launch of the “Tactical Edition” on the first day of Metal Gear Solid Delta: Serpent Eater contains the full game plus additional unique digital items to be announced later.

Solid metal gear Legacy Series Part 2

Actor and writer David Hayter presented new mechanics and graphical improvements that will come to Metal Gear Solid Delta: Serpent Eater in the last installment of Solid Metal Gear Legacy series. Hayter touched on key features such as the new damage system that leaves battle scars on the main character as players progress through the game. A new style control and camera layout offers intuitive controls for players accustomed to modern third-person action games. Additionally, Hayter sat down with producer Noriaki Okamura, who has worked on the series for several years, to discuss the new title and the future of the franchise.

“We left the original game’s gameplay, story, and voice cast as is, but we had to bring the graphics and controls up to modern standards, all of which have changed over the years,” Okamura said. “All of that has been updated, but the core game (and the creative vision of the original staff) none of those parts of the game have changed.”

Metal Gear Solid Delta: Serpent Eater is in development for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and PC (Steam). A release date has not yet been announced.

look at the new Solid metal gear Legacy series video below.

Solid metal gear Legacy Series Part 2

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