Prince of Persia: The Last Crown ‘Divine Trials’ DLC Available Now, Story DLC Out This September

Prince of Persia: The Last Crown’s “Divine Trials” DLC is now available for free to all players, and it brings revisited boss fights, puzzle and platforming challenges, new amulets and outfits, and more. Additionally, publisher Ubisoft revealed Prince of Persia: The Last Crown’s “Mask of Darkness” story DLC will hit the game this September.

Unfortunately, the tease for Mask of Darkness is very short, showing only a quick look and an image revealing the September release window. However, the Divine Trials DLC, which follows the free Warrior’s Path and Boss Attack DLC earlier this year, looks great in a new trailer released during today’s Ubisoft Forward Showcase.

Check out a glimpse of Mask of Darkness and Divine Trials in the trailer below:

Prince of Persia: The Last Crown hit PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and PC in January, and it’s one of our favorite games of the year. Read why Game Informers Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown review here. After that, check out these four ways Prince of Persia: The Last Crown gets the Metroidvania genre right, and then check out our guide on how to beat the game’s toughest platforming challenge.

Are you returning to Prince of Persia: The Last Crown to check out the new Divine Trials DLC? Let us know in the comments below!

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