PS5 breaks sales record but still falls short of target after crossing 59 million units sold

Sony Interactive Entertainment revealed Its latest financial earnings report It sold 20.8 million PlayStation 5 units in the fiscal year ended March 31. In doing so, Sony has sold more than in any fiscal year since the console launched in November 2020. However, despite that achievement, Sony still fell short of its original PS5 sales target for this year, missing by more than 4 million units.

Originally targeting 25 million units for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2024, Sony sold 20.8 million, a 4 million unit miss, bringing the total to 59 million. As noted by Video Games Chronicle, however, Sony revised its 25 million unit target to just 21 million in February; It still didn’t hit that target, though, just slightly missing the mark.

At 59 million units, the PS5 is behind the PlayStation 4’s 60 million units at the same point in its life cycle. However, said Tokyo-based video game analyst Serkan Toto VGC The 20.8 million units sold is likely to remain a record high for the PS5, and the number would have been much lower if not for the February release of Helldivers 2, the PlayStation’s fastest-selling game since selling 12 million copies. 12 weeks.

In the earnings call, Sony told investors that gaming sales will decline in the fiscal year that just started (and ends in March of next year) due to an expected decline in console sales. According to the company, there are no major games from existing franchises releasing between now and then. However, Sony says it still plans to release the Concorde, New multiplayer online shooter IP from Firewalk Studios for PS5 and PCThis year.

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