Puzzle Adventure Chicory: A colorful tale collection may be released for Xbox


Dandelion: a colorful storya top-down puzzle adventure RPG game published by WenjiYou’ll finally get your Xbox port later this month on May 30, 2023. It’ll be available on both current and recent Xbox consoles, and will also join Xbox Game Pass.

Dandelion: a colorful story Originally launched in 2021, it’s now available on PC, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. You can watch the full gameplay trailer for the Xbox port on Finji’s YouTube channel:

Dandelion: a colorful story It deserves all the praise and the astronomical results it has received since its launch. There is a very distinct passion for the art world in every frame, not to mention a wonderful understanding.

as a result of, Dandelion: a colorful story Seems like a real experience. The tone is warm, upbeat, and consistently upbeat. Perhaps it will encourage anyone to discover their inner artist, or at least a new appreciation for art.

While all of this may sound a bit too deep, the game is entertaining and maintains a friendly, approachable attitude. The world of coloring books was a perfect environment that gave developers the freedom they needed.

It’s somewhat surprising that this lost gem hasn’t appeared on Xbox yet, but its introduction into Xbox Game Pass is sure to renew interest. Moreover, Game Pass is still one of the best subscription services because it includes titles like this.

Dandelion: a colorful story Full of visual spectacle, despite the personal scope of its settings and characters. Puzzles evolve with a variety of new approaches. All of these features have greatly benefited from PlayStation 5’s next generation technology, so they should continue to impress the Xbox Series X | S.

You can read more about Dandelion: a colorful storyand Finji and other upcoming independent ports by checking out the rest of our news section.


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