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TeamKill Media has released the launch trailer for the horror shooter Quantum error.

Here’s an overview of the game, via TeamKill Media:


The United Nations of America has integrated AI into everyday life. Monad, the most powerful technology company in the world, created the Advanced Retina Global Unit System, ARGUS, to activate and operate this AI that is mandatory for all people on earth. People are divided into necessary and unnecessary and will be activated or not activated depending on the professions they work in, resulting in opposition and the formation of militant groups.

When the Monad Quantum Research Center, 30 miles off the coast of CA, is attacked by an unknown entity in the year 2109, engulfing the complex in flames and putting it on full containment lockdown, a distress call is sent out to mutual assists the Garboa Fire Department in San Francisco, CA.

Fire Chief Sturgis answers the call and dispatches the captain. Jacob Thomas, and his partner Shane Costa and a crew helicopter to the Monad facility.

What begins as a simple mission to save lives from the burning complex soon descends into a nightmarish cosmic journey that will take you from reality to other worlds where you must fight for your life and the lives of others.

Experience the mysticism of a first and third person shooter based on a cinematic story set at the arrival of the Quantum Age. Explore and descend deep into the high-tech but esoteric facilities of Monad and beyond, on interstellar journeys, encountering enemies and bosses from the familiar to the inexplicable. And a rollercoaster of cosmic horror as you go deeper and deeper into the unknown.

Unreal Engine 5 Features

  • Global Illumination provides an amazing visual experience of realistic shadows, reflections and stunning lighting in an extremely dark environment.
  • Nanite used to increase geometric details where appropriate.
  • Soundscape is used to create more immersive and realistic sound environments.

PlayStation 5 Features

  • Haptic feedback – Experience the feeling of a firefighter in your hands. Intensity of a backflow door, using the K12 saw or feeling the flames of a crackling fire.
  • Adaptive triggers – Feel the tension of a firefighter’s tools and weapons as they resist, vibrate and counterattack with each action or while administering CPR.
  • Controller microphone – Use the controller’s microphone to deliver breaths during CPR.
  • SSD – Experience near-instant loading times for seamless gameplay.
  • 3D audio – Immerse yourself in the chilling sounds coming from all directions while you delight in the provocative soundtrack that enhances the terror and excitement of Quantum error.

Quantum error It will be released both physically and digitally for PlayStation 5 on November 3, followed by Xbox Series and PC at a later date. Digital pre-orders include three days of early access to the game starting October 31.

Watch the trailer below.

Launch Trailer

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