Rain and Hellfire DMZ Mission Guide

Call of Duty: Warzone DMZ Season 3 introduced a new vehicle called the Heavy Chopper to the game. The Rain and Hellfire mission for the Redacted faction tasks you to destroy enemies and vehicles from the bird. You may be familiar with this helo if you’ve completed the Flight Risk mission.

Rain and Hellfire Mission DMZ

  • Kill 5 Cartel or AQ soldiers with Launchers from the Heavy Chopper.
  • Kill 1 operator or Juggernaut from the Heavy Chopper.
  • Destroy 2 vehicles from the Heavy Chopper.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Before you drop into Al Mazrah to complete the mission objectives, add any Launcher of your choice as an insured weapon to your loadout, preferably an RPG-7. You can find this weapon on certain bots and inside supply crates as well, but having it on you as you spawn eliminates the need to find one.

How to complete Rain and Hellfire without Heavy Chopper Fuel

After deploying into the map, you need to acquire the Heavy Chopper Fuel, which is rare and only spawns at specific locations. However, there are multiple ways to complete the Rain and Hellfire mission, some even without this special item:

  • While flying the Heavy Chopper: For this standard method, you need to find the Heavy Chopper Fuel, refuel the bird, and then fly it while completing the objectives. You can leave the pilot seat and kill enemies while the helo hovers in the air. If a refuel is required, you can do so by flying the bird over a gas station.
  • While the Heavy Chopper is stationary: You don’t even have to get the special fuel to complete the tasks. Get in the back of the landed, out-of-fuel Heavy Chopper and attempt the challenge from the ground. This method works well when the Heavy Chopper is at Al Malik Aiport since the area is crowded with bots and operators also visit this POI often.
  • From the Evac Helo: Surprisingly enough, the Evac Helo that’s called at an exfil point also counts towards this mission as it’s a Heavy Chopper itself. Keep calling the bird as much as you want and proceed with the tasks while sitting inside it. Make sure to jump off before it exfils.

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Now that we know about the various methods to complete the mission, let’s check out how to perform the actual tasks. First and foremost, locate the Heavy Chopper on the map and get to it before anyone else. It may spawn in one of the three POIs: Al Malik Airport, Al Mazrah City, and Hafid Port.

As you can see in the image above, we attempted the mission on a landed chopper without refueling it. From the back of the bird, use the RPG-7 or whichever launcher you brought to kill 5 AI soldiers. All bots on the Al Mazrah map count towards the challenge. Next up, kill a real player from the chopper.

This task may require patience as there’s no telling when an enemy squad may show up at your location. Instead, you can kill the Juggernaut, but getting an operator elimination should be much easier than finding and killing the heavily armored commander. Finally, bring any two vehicles near the Heavy Chopper and blow them up using your rocket launcher or by simply shooting at them.

Stay tuned to Pro Game Guides for more Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 content. In the meantime, head over to our Gear Up DMZ Mission Guide article.

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