RESISTOR ‘first look at gameplay’ trailer

Publisher PQube and developer Long Way Home have released the first trailer for the narrative car racing RPG. RESISTOR.

Get the latest details below.

A legend in the making

Use the character creator to design your own racing prodigy, Aster. In true RPG style, choose from a wide selection of body shapes, facial features, hairstyles, skin tones and accessories, with MILLIONS of different combinations possible! Once you’ve decided on your look, choose an appropriate voice type, with female and male vocal talents, courtesy of Rhiannon Moushall (war frame, cris stories, cloudpunk) and Thomas G. Burt (HURT, The Prince of Tennis, Phoenix Point).

Custom ride

Equipped with a finely tuned, high-performance (and slightly unstable) Star Point Motors GT1200 plasma engine, Aster’s iconic red and white first-generation R180 was inherited from his father, legendary racer Eugene Aster. While this powerful machine provides the perfect entry point for novice racers participating in the early stages of Dekker’s tournament, later challenges may require more “specialized” hardware. Pick up new body kits and engine parts to modify the look and handling of your vehicle before hitting the track to dominate your rivals.

Running to the limit

Aster’s path to victory begins in The Northern Wastes, a sparsely populated desert expanse littered with remnants of the old world and characterized by dusty roads, monolithic mesas, and treacherous ravines. At the center of these wastelands lies “The Rig”, a decommissioned oil platform that is home to a small community of outcasts and traders. Here you’ll take on your first missions, allowing you to familiarize yourself with the basics of stunt racing and open-world exploration, while simultaneously making a name for yourself and building your reputation. As Aster advances in Dekker’s tournament, new areas of the world will become available to explore, with increasingly technical environments and tracks to master!

RESISTOR is in development for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, Switch and PC (Steam). A release date has not yet been announced.

Watch the announcement trailer below.

First look at the game trailer

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