Riven remake titled Riven: New Discoveries from the Lost D’ni Empire, first details and screenshots

the new version of mystery continuation Cleft announced in October 2022 is titled Riven: New Discoveries from the Lost D’ni Empirecyan developer Announced. It is planned to be released for PC via Steam and GOGO. A release date has not been announced.

Here’s an overview of the game, via its store pages:


“Thank God you’re back… I need your help.”

With these words, Atrus asks you to undertake a dangerous mission where your success is far from assured. Travel to Riven, a mysterious land full of islands on the brink of collapse, to rescue Atrus’s wife, Catherine. She is held captive by Gehn, Atrus’s father and self-proclaimed overlord of Riven. He explores Riven, solves puzzles to reveal the mysteries of it, finds Catherine and escapes.

Intricate narratives and mind-blowing puzzles

Challenge your intellect with CleftClever puzzles weave throughout its narrative, offering a unique experience that unfolds as you delve deeper into the enigmatic world. You will uncover a story of intrigue, betrayal, and a civilization on the brink of collapse as you uncover the secrets of Riven.

Immersive environments and stunning graphics

Riven: New Discoveries from the Lost D’ni Empire takes you on a journey through a world filled with surreal islands, each meticulously designed with unparalleled attention to detail. From dense, lush jungles to breathtaking caverns, every corner will immerse you in an otherworldly adventure as you explore your surroundings and discover where Catherine is and how to escape.

An expanded world to explore

Created by legendary indie developer Cyan Worlds and based on the award-winning original 1997 release, Riven: New Discoveries from the Lost D’ni Empire expands its epic narrative beyond both mystery And the original edition of Cleft. She finds an immersive and visually stunning world, and uncovers intricate puzzles that will captivate newcomers and reveal new mysteries for long-time fans to discover.

Completely renewed gaming experience

Experience Cleft like never before, with free movement through a 3D environment in real time. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer returning to rediscover the magic you felt the first time you visited Riven or a newcomer eager to explore. CleftThe mysteries of Riven for the first time, this all-new, reimagined and expanded edition of Riven offers a deeper story, captivating new visuals, and a gameplay experience that stays true to the original while expanding. CleftThe world.

See the first screenshots in the gallery.


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