Roblox BedWars Merchant update history and patch notes

Roblox BedWars has released the long awaited Travel Merchant update. The update introduces a new game mechanic, the Traveling Merchant, which sets up shop nine minutes after each match. This merchant brings with him three random items for sale, including potentially powerful team buffs and an exclusive weapon called the Headhunter. However, players should note that the dealer will not appear in ranked matches.

Head Hunter, a legendary weapon, is designed for expert hunters. This weapon offers unparalleled accuracy and deadly power, with massive headshot damage. This exclusive weapon is sure to raise the stakes in every match the Traveling Merchant appears.

In addition to the roving merchant, the update introduces the basic 30v30 protection mechanic. Players who stand on their team’s generator in 30v30 matches will receive 50% damage and knockdown reduction. However, this effect would cease once their bed was broken.

The latest highlight of the update is the week’s free kits. Players can now access the Metal Detector, Davey, Axolotl Amy and Gompy (Lv.20) kits for free.

Balance changes are also part of this update. These include mods for items like Wood Crossbow, Zipline, and Fireball, all of which have seen a decrease in damage or cost. The Diamond Guardian and Base Ores mechanics have also been nerfed, slowing the returns of Diamonds and Emeralds as match time scales. However, Life Steal has seen an increase in recovery with healing increasing damage percentage across all levels.

Changes to decks were also implemented, affecting the Warrior, Melody, Zeno (Wizard), Whisper, Drill, Farmer Cletus and Zenith decks. The most notable change is the Drill Kit, where the owner will now only get half of the resources from training, with the other half stored in training for team members or enemies to access.

Finally, mobile users can expect changes to their gameplay, with the addition of a joystick button to aim projectiles and block blocks, and a setting to remove those buttons. The default death animation has been fixed, the respawn view camera has been repositioned, and the bounce has been reduced. The update also introduces a new command, /setknockback, to set the value of the knockback, with the default value set at 1. Furthermore, the /shopitem command has been extended to work with collection items, providing players with more flexibility in their gameplay.

Verify List of BedWars commands Post to learn all the commands available in the game! You can find all the official patch notes here disagreement less.

Traveling Trader (new mech)

The roving dealer will set up shop in 9 minutes of each match. They will be selling 3 random items, including a chance for powerful team buffs and an exclusive weapon: the Headhunter! The dealer will not appear in ranked matches

Headhunter – A legendary weapon of unparalleled accuracy and deadly power, the Headhunter is designed for the expert hunter. Hit headshots for massive damage!

30v30 Protection Base (New Mech)

In 30v30, standing on your team’s generator gives you 50% more damage and reduced recoil. This effect stops once you break your bed.

Free collections of the week

  • metal detector
  • Dave
  • Axolotl Amy
  • Gumby (Lv. 20)

Balance changes


  • Wood crossbow
  • zipline
    • Price: 60 iron → 1 emerald
  • fireball
    • Damage per burn tick: 5 → 3


  • Diamond Guardian
    • Diamond kill bonus: 5 → 4
  • Base materials
    • Diamond Yield: Slows down the amount earned as match time metrics
    • Emerald Yield: Slows down the amount earned as match time metrics


  • steal life
    • Damage recovery increased by 2.5% for all levels


  • warrior
    • Warrior armor: 10 emeralds → 8 emeralds
  • musical composition
    • Cure rate per tick: 22 – 25
  • Zeno (magician)
    • Wood Sword replaced by Zeno’s Twig (20 damage → 10 damage)
    • Stone sword cost: 20 iron – 40 iron
    • Removed horizontal knockdown on lightning strikes
    • Lightning strike damage: 10 → 15
    • Shockwave range: 4 blocks → 5.5 blocks
    • Increase Shockwave Knockout
  • hiss
    • Owl Launcher Strike: 1.2 → 1.0 multiplier
    • Speed ​​increase: 130% → 120%
  • drills
    • The owner of the drill will now get only half of the resources from the drill. The other half will be stored in the drill. Drill owner team members can interact with the drill to take stored resources. Enemies can also obtain stored resources by destroying drills.

Cletus Farms

  • Watermelon harvest time: 120 – 135


  • In 30v30: Enemy shop price no longer increases

Other changes

  • Mobile: You now aim projectiles (Bross, Telepearls, etc.) using the joystick button
  • Mobile: Added joystick button to break block on gadgets
  • Mobile: The processor staff uses the joystick button
  • Added setting to remove mobile projectile button
  • Added setting to remove mobile break button
  • Fixed default death animation
  • The position of the repost view camera has been changed
  • Reduced knockdown
  • Added / setknockback <رقم>. The default knockout is 1.
  • The /shopitem command now works for group items

Make sure to head over to Roblox BedWars page to experience this new update! You can find more information about a variety of different experiences in the Roblox section of our website.

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