Roblox build me a sky castle update now available


Popular game Roblox recently released an extensive update for its Sky Castle, offering players renewed accessories and the chance to customize their pet’s flight style. Whether players prefer their pets to mimic the flight of a silent owl, sparkle like a fairy, or float with balloon wings, the update facilitates a more personalized in-game experience.

Unveiling this update also introduces two new adoptable friends to the Sky Castle environment. Players can now add the “Ultra Rare” Grinmoire for $2,500, and the “Legendary” Cuddly Candle, which is available for 500 Robux.

Along with these new additions, the update updated the contents of chests with standard and royal wings, and modified the odds of obtaining certain wing types. For a standard wingbox, the chances of landing are as follows: paper wings (common) by 45%, gull wings and balloon wings (uncommon) each by 33%, birdfish wings and owl wings (rare) each by 14.5%, and macaw wings (mythical) by 1.5%.

For the Royal Wing Chest, the odds of dropping are: Water Wings (Common) 45%, Flower Wings (Uncommon) 33%, Fairy Wings (Rare) 14.5%, Cloud Wings and Hourly Wings (very rare) each when 6%, and Ember Wings (Legendary) by 1.5%.

In addition to new features and modified odds, the Sky Castle update addresses several bugs to improve gameplay. Bug fixes include fixes for issues such as: children falling when a parent is holding them while teleporting, Rain Weather mistranslating pets or items in the purchase window in certain languages, a Blue Scorpion sinking into the ground while eating or drinking, and incorrectly appearing earrings Rainy Cloud on Pet Ears.


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