Roblox My Restaurant Prestige update history and patch notes are now available


In a significant development, the eagerly awaited Prestige system has arrived in the popular Roblox game, My Restaurant. This new update offers players a slew of new recipes, advanced kitchen tools, and much more.

The Prestige system in “My Restaurant” allows players to strive for culinary supremacy. This new game mechanic not only adds depth to the gameplay but also promises future additions with more Prestiges expected to be revealed soon.

A new currency has also been introduced in this update – gems. Players can collect this coveted trading currency through various ways such as completing objectives, leveling up, and upgrading their restaurants. Players can use these gems to trade with others for new items or to get new items in the store.

The Prestige system also brings a variety of new recipes to the game. These dishes range from hearty appetizers to delicious desserts, providing players with a wide range of dishes to serve their customers within the game. This addition is expected to add a whole new layer of customer retention strategy to the gameplay.

Another exciting feature of the Prestige system is the addition of new devices. These modern kitchen tools will help players in their quests to create culinary masterpieces. With these new appliances, players are equipped to upgrade their kitchens and rise to the status of superstar chefs.

The update introduces two unique decor items for “My Restaurant”: The Whale and Level 999 Trophy. The Whale Item is a nice, albeit expensive, addition that promises to add an air of luxury to a player’s restaurant. For players who have reached the pinnacle of their culinary journey, the Level 999 Trophy is waiting for you. This trophy, awarded to outstanding level 999 players, stands as a symbol of the player’s culinary skill.

Along with these new features, the update brought a series of changes aimed at improving the overall gaming experience. This includes general bug fixes and optimization, UI improvements, and map improvements, making the game smoother and more user-friendly.

Here’s a full look at all the details included in the patch:

Prestige update!

Is characterized by

  • Prestige is here… The long awaited My Restaurant Prestige system is here! Try new recipes, new appliances, and more. (Many Prestiges coming soon!) Achieve culinary excellence with the all-new Prestige system!
  • Gems! We are excited to announce the long-awaited trading currency for My Restaurant: Gems! Collect gems by completing objectives and leveling up and upgrading the restaurant. Exchange them with other players to get new items or buy new items in the store with them. Gems are any chef’s best friend!
  • Prestige recipes! Grow your restaurant to greater heights with all new Prestige recipes! From delicious appetizers to delicious desserts, you’ll have everything you need to keep your customers coming back for more!
  • Prestige devices! Ready, ready, cook! All new premium appliances are now available in My Restaurant. You’ll have everything you need to take your culinary creativity to new heights. Upgrade your kitchen and become the ultimate master chef!
  • New special items! Introducing two new rare decor items for my restaurant: The Whale and Level 999 Trophy! The all-new whale element, a luxurious and exclusive addition to your restaurant that will make your customers feel like royalty. However, this item comes with a hefty price tag, so start saving now! And for our most skilled chef, we have a new level 999 trophy! Awarded to any player with level 999, it is a true testament to your culinary prowess.

the changes

  • General bug fixes and optimization
  • User interface improvements
  • Map improvements


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