Roblox will not be supported on Linux going forward

Despite the hopes of some users, a Roblox employee confirmed: Dev forums That the platform will not support Linux in the future. The decision was attributed to the difficulties and expense associated with ensuring compatibility on a fragmented platform, as well as the company’s focus on maintaining and improving Roblox on its existing platforms.

the Full comment from a Roblox employee It reads, “From a personal perspective, a lot of people at Roblox would love to support Linux (myself included). In practice, there’s no way for us to justify that. If we release a client, we have to support it, which means QA, CS, documentation, etc. To that, and it’s all more difficult on a fragmented platform. We release weekly on half a dozen platforms. Adding in the time of testing, debugging, and releasing a Linux client can be expensive, which means the time it takes to improve Roblox on our existing platforms.”

Even Wine, the compatibility layer that allows Windows apps to run on Linux, has had issues with Roblox. The platform’s new 64-bit Byfron Anti-Cheat client was incompatible with Wine, causing Roblox to block its use. Addressing this issue, a Roblox employee said, “As great as it is to allow Roblox within Wine, the number of users who would benefit from that is minuscule compared to our other platforms, and it’s not worth it if it’s so easy to cheat the exploiters.”

Despite the disappointing news for Linux users, a Roblox employee expressed personal regret for the decision, saying, “From a technical and philosophical perspective, it would be great to do so. But our number one responsibility is to our community at large, and the opportunity cost of supporting a Linux client is too high to can be justified.”

in In response to wine compatibility issuesAnother Roblox employee acknowledged the challenges of the Windows ecosystem and confirmed that Wine is not officially supported. They added: “We are committed to working towards alignment where possible. Unfortunately, I cannot provide a specific timeline for this support. However, I can assure you that it remains a priority for our team.” For now, the future of Linux support on Roblox remains uncertain, with the focus on optimizing the platform for its larger user base.

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