Rocket Arena will be closed in March

Rocket Arena, a multiplayer rocket-powered shooter developed by First Strike Games as an EA Originals title, was pulled from sale last month without warning or reporting why. Rock Paper Shotgun. Now, roughly a month later, First Strike Games has announced that Rocket Arena will be sunsetting and shutting down its servers in March.

More specifically, Rocket Arena will end on March 21, 2024 at noon PT/3 pm ET. As for why, the team doesn’t really address it in its announcement but presumably, it’s lost the number of players it needs to sustain its live-service, multiplayer model.

“It is with a heavy heart from all of us at FSG and EA to inform you that Rocket Arena will be sunsetting and the servers will be shut down on (March 21, 2024)” announcement reads “We can’t thank you enough for playing Rocket Arena and supporting us during this journey. We’re thrilled to have people around the world enjoy Rocket Arena for three and a half years starting in July 2020.

“Since then, there have been knockouts, megablasts, racquetball goals, mega racquets captured and coins collected. We are consistently blown away by the kindness, care and camaraderie shown by the racquet arena community.”

The publication continued, thanking the community for its great input over the years, before revealing “Sunset Community Events.” You can check out the full list of events and content changes before the game shuts down HereBut this includes removing content from early Rocket Arena seasons and paid bundles in the store.

Rocket League first hit PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on July 14, 2020. For our thoughts on the game, read on Game Informers Rocket Arena Review.

Are you going to return to the Rocket Arena next year before it shuts down? Let us know in the comments below!

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