Rockstar will release the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6 next month

Rockstar Games will release the first trailer for its highly anticipated sequel to 2013’s Grand Theft Auto V, which became the highest-grossing entertainment product of all time in 2018, next month. As of August, Grand Theft Auto V has sold more than 185 million copies since its release 10 years ago.

Official news of this trailer Rockstar Twitter account A comes less than a day later Bloomberg Report Rockstar says it will reveal a sequel this week, titled Grand Theft Auto VI or Grand Theft Auto 6, with a trailer coming next month; After releasing this report yesterday, Rockstar confirmed the trailer for the next Grand Theft Auto will, in fact, be released in December.

Game Informer Rockstar’s parent company Take-Two Interactive has been reached out for clarification on this report and will update the story if more information becomes available.

The journey to reveal the next Grand Theft Auto hasn’t been a quiet one. In September of last year, unprecedented leaks gave fans a potential glimpse of the sequel in more than 90 videos showcasing secret footage in development of the open-world crime sequel. We learned last year that the game stars a female protagonist. Bloomberg This Grand Theft Auto V sequel is set in a fictional version of Miami and features the aforementioned female protagonist and male protagonist.

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