Shadowverse: Worlds Beyond announced for PC, iOS and Android

Cygames has Announced free digital card game Shadowverse: Worlds Beyond for PC, iOS and Android. It will be launched in summer 2024.

Get the first details below.

■ Game Overview

  • Gender: Competitive online trading card game.
  • Platforms: iOS, Android, PC
  • Price: Free to play (optional in-app purchases)
  • Supported languages: Planned international language support

■ New features for card battles

Super Evolution

The super evolution will be available from the second player’s sixth turn. Up to 2 remaining EP (Evolution Points) will be converted to SEP (Super Evolution Points).

Super evolution abilities

These activate when a super follower evolves. Evolution skills will also be activated.


Press the Engage button on your turn to activate this new amulet ability. Playing the amulet early allows you to activate it on any turn.

Classes and decks

Classes include Forestcraft, Swordcraft, Runecraft, Dragoncraft, Abysscraft, Havencraft, Portalcraft, and Neutral.

Build decks using cards of any class, plus neutral cards. There are 8 classes, including Neutral and the new Abysscraft.

■ Main characters

Dreizehn (Portal)

love sign (Forest crafts)

■ World functions

Players will be able to move freely within the game using their own personalized avatars.

Players will be able to interact and fight with each other, participate in events, and enjoy a variety of other content.

In addition to card battles, other functions are also planned. More details will be revealed at a later date.

■ Tournaments

Tournaments for Shadowverse: Worlds Beyond will begin in 2024.

Tournaments in Japan include:

  • RAGE Shadowverse
  • RAGE Shadowverse Professional tour
  • In-store tournaments
  • Student tournaments
  • Online tournaments

Overseas tournaments include:

  • Shadowverse NetEase Championship
  • Shadowverse Korea Open
  • Shadowverse Taiwan Open
  • Shadowverse Western Open / SEAO

We present a new international tournament

He Shadowverse World Championship. The champion will receive 10 million yen and a special prize. Shadowverse: Evolve card. Scheduled for early 2025.

Rating or the Shadowverse World Championship:

  • RAGE Shadowverse – Eight spaces
  • RAGE Shadowverse Pro Tour: three seats
  • Shadowverse NetEase Championship: four places
  • Shadowverse Korea Open – Two places
  • Shadowverse Taiwan Open – Two places
  • Shadowverse Open West / SEAO – Three spaces
  • Wildcard: two spaces

Watch the trailer and Shadowverse NEXT 2024 presentation below. Visit the official website here.




Shadowverse NEXT 2024

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