Sony has announced new slim PlayStation 5 models with removable disc drives

Nearly three years after the PlayStation 5’s initial release, Sony has revealed a slimmer redesign. Both the disc drive model and the digital model will be updated, but these two models are not as different as before: you will now be able to purchase the disc drive separately, which will allow you to upgrade the digital model to the disc – compatible version. Both versions will be available this November and will eventually completely replace the current PS5 model.

“The new PS5 is reduced in volume by more than 30% and weight is reduced by 18% and 24% compared to previous models.” The PlayStation blog post reads. It also mentions that the new covers have different textures, which isn’t immediately obvious from the images. “There are four separate cover panels,” it says, “with the top in a glossy finish, while the bottom remains matte.” This raises questions about the compatibility of console shells that Sony currently sells, which allow you to change the appearance of your console, but this question was not addressed in the announcement.

A slim PS5 with a disc drive still costs $499.99. The PS5 Digital Edition is $449.99, a $50 increase from the original Digital Edition.

If you buy the new digital version and decide to upgrade it to the disc version, the drive will cost you $79.99 in the US, €119.99 in Europe, £99.99 in the UK and ¥11,980 in Japan. The total cost of the digital console and disc drive is slightly more expensive than buying the disc drive version outright. The console will include a new horizontal stand to set the console on its side, and a vertical stand will retail for $29.99 USD | 29.99 Euro | 24.99 GBP | 3,980 JPY. You can watch the reveal trailer below:

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