Southfield launches in Early Access on June 24

Sandbox farming game south field will be released in early access for PC via Steam on June 24, developer Radical Forge announced.

The early access version of the game will include the following content:

  • More crops to discover, grow and combine together.
  • An expanded main quest and new areas of the island to unlock.
  • New NPCs and new quests.
  • New ways to automate your farm with new machines.
  • New construction materials.
  • Many new patterns, shades and sets from Bud.
  • Improved Bud physics for better movement.
  • Numerous fixes and improvements based on community feedback on the recent closed beta.

south field It is expected to remain in early access until 2025. During the early access period, Radical Forge will add new gameplay mechanics, new biomes to explore, crops to grow, customizations to enjoy, quests to complete, and more optimizations and quality improvements. life.

“We are very excited to finally announce the official release date of south field” said Bruce Slater, CEO and co-founder of Radical Forge, in a press release. “The team has been incredible, every single one of them, doing everything they can to make our game stand out.”

Here’s an overview of the game, via Radical Forge:


Weird farming meets silly physics in south field! Combine chaotic crops with unpredictable effects, build the farm of your dreams and experiment with fun machinery. Make your way across an ever-changing island alone or with up to three friends and discover its secrets.

Welcome to Southfield

Southfield is not just any island and this is not just any farming game. Combine cartoon crops with chaotic effects and customize your farm with fun toys and machines to automate your harvest. Whether you’re a solo explorer or looking for a new destination to play with friends, Southfield is the place to be!

Combine chaotic crops

Things grow differently in Southfield, so you’ll quickly learn to expect the unexpected. Your harvest could bounce, explode, play a melody, or change shape. We’re talking about crops that radiate, illuminate, and even levitate, and that’s before mixing crops to create something entirely new! Complete quests, experiment with crops, and mark combinations in your trusty Almanac.

be more friend

You are a Bud. A large, jumping bud, recently sprouted from the earth itself. No one knows where these delightfully silly creatures come from, but now it’s your job to help these uncoordinated island inhabitants navigate farm life. Spin, drop, and launch into all kinds of physics-based fun. Play online with up to three other Buds and get a unique look with customizable colors and wacky outfits.

Experiment with machines

As your farm grows, so does your to-do list! Free up time for more tractor racing and lily pad jumping with fun farm automation. From trampolines to air cannons, there are a variety of toys and machines to help you make the most of every harvest. Use these same tools to build life-size obstacle courses or pinball machines for you and your friends.

Build your own way

Go crazy with creative sandbox tools to build super unique builds. south field! Treat your Buds like royalty with their own stone castle or live a simpler life in small wooden lodges. With plenty of materials and customizations to create the farm of your dreams, the sky is (literally) the limit… Buds don’t belong in space.

Beware of the ruffians

Buds are not the only inhabitants of this strange and unpredictable island. As night falls, a shadow grows, a mysterious monolith appears, and the Ruffians emerge. The spectral mischief-makers of Southfield want to wreak havoc on you and your crops, and it’s up to you to defend yourself and your farm. Brave the wild weather, protect your harvest, help the other islanders, and restore balance to Southfield, even if your Bud loses his footing along the way.

Watch a new trailer below.

Early Access Release Date Trailer

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