Spider-Man 2 has more than 65 suits and more details from the play state

Creative director Brian Intihar shared all sorts of new Spider-Man 2 details during today’s State of Play. Intihar shared a huge list of Spider-Man 2 details while showing off the new gameplay, which you can check out below.

  • The size of the city has doubled
  • Web wings (which we saw earlier) allow for even faster travel
  • Peter Parker’s old high-school is a place you can visit, as well as Miles Morales’ Visions Academy
  • You’ll be able to swap between Parker’s Spider-Man and Morales’ Spider-Man almost instantly
  • New UI options and more visually interesting tasks to do around town will hopefully keep the menus from being overused

  • Parker and Morales can use the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man app
  • People make requests for Spider-Man’s help. Sometimes they want a specific Spider-Man, often they don’t care
  • There is a new fast travel system
  • There are over 65 suits to unlock and wear

Spider-Man 2 releases on PlayStation 5 on October 20. Keep an eye on our website tomorrow for more from the game, including hands-on impressions.

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