Starfield Survey Data – Can’t Find the Last Resource, Flora, or Fauna

Survey data is not only useful for yourself and your XP, but it can also get you some money in Starfield. For that reason, you don’t want to leave a planet or moon at 99% completion. To get it to 100%, you may need to search around more and get creative with where you look.

Why can’t I finish the Survey Data in Starfield?

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There are several reasons why your Survey Data may be incomplete in Starfield. Once you nail down the exact cause (the missing piece of data), solving the dilemma will become much easier. Review these reasons for incomplete survey data:

  • Missing Fauna – You need to scan more creatures
  • Missing Flora – More plants need to be scanned
  • Missing Resources – You need to collect more resources
  • Missing Traits/Features – Unique planet features need to be scanned

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How to get 100% Survey Data in Starfield

Even if you know how to fix your incomplete survey, you may still be having issues with finding the flora, fauna, resource, or feature. If you still can’t find the last thing or two to complete your survey, try:

  • Check bodies of water, mountaintops, and craters for missing data
  • Trying landing on another portion of the planet to see more data
  • Upgrade your scanner to see further
  • Use your boost pack to get some air and survey from above

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